Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Run your Mass Off

This is why I love virtual races...

So I can do them whenever I want to..

Which also means that I'm at the last day of the month & thinking, I didn't do my race!

So Saturday, November 30th - the last day of the month - we were out Christmas shopping all day.  I mean, ALL DAY!  We were out in our first store at 10:00am & shopped until we literally couldn't fit another package in the car.

I was exhausted.


& that's when I got home & saw the medal sitting on my dresser.

When they send them ahead of the race, I put it on my dresser - don't dare thinking of putting it around my neck & NEVER goes on the medal wall until the miles are done.

So it was either throw the medal in a drawer, or get to the treadmill...

Ricky ended up falling asleep & I headed to the basement.

Luckily, there was a Glee episode on the TV in front of Miley (my treadmill's name).  It only gets 3 stations - one being Public Access TV which isn't very entertaining, so I try to do all my treadmill jaunts on specific times where something actually grabs my attention & not makes me want to slit my wrists from boredom on the treadmill...

Even better?  It was the Glee episode with Neil Patrick Harris.. my secret BFF... I say secret because I know we would be BFF's... Neil just isn't in on this idea yet though...

I ended up walking this one... walking all day shopping, my low back still aggravated, & my runner's knee still hurting getting up the steps, I knew not to push it.  After all, December 1st started the #RWRunStreak ... one mile a day till 2014... I couldn't get to that day with even more pain.

Walking it was... & it worked out well.  Not much pain in the back, the knees did OK, & I still got the miles in... 3.10

I laugh because my walking time isn't too much off my running time :) 


May be slow... but it was done... I could wear my medal

So I am in love with Jost Running's medals... It has become my favorite Virtual Race place.  Even better?  They use part of the money to fund charities - changing every month.

Check them out...  www.jostrunning.com

So there you go.. another virtual race in the books...

Now let's start the posts on the Run Streak & the Plank challenge...

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