Thursday, December 26, 2013


So I have a new addiction...


It's funny because I saw on Facebook a few of my friends making it... & then, my step daughter that knows all things to do in the kitchen started making it.  I had to ask her what it was...

She gave me a little insight on it & couldn't believe I didn't know what it was...

Its actually a drink that is made from tea but has so much more in it... its full of probiotics & full of vitamin B's... lots of antioxidants... & I love it because its FIZZY! 

Who doesn't love a fizzy drink?

Its funny because I have bought some of these drinks at the local health food store, but never knew exactly what it was...

but I know now.

When we visited Julie in Nashville during Thanksgiving - I got to taste her brew... OH MY WORD - yumminess...

She had different flavors .. both amazingly delish!

I could drink Kombucha like this

& its struck up my love for it even more.

I have been stopping & getting a bottle to baby a few days.  I can drink the whole bottle in an hour if I wanted to...

This is my new love

I may have to look into making my own... its that good to invest the time to do it.  Not to mention that each bottle is like $3.99 a bottle.  Ouch!

I have a feeling I'm going to feel like Frankenstein creating my own creature while doing it... its all very scientific...

or maybe I just need to pay Julie to make me a batch & send it up to me every month... she's the scientist in the family after all :)

Have you tried kombucha?

Ever made it before?

C'mon - isn't it fun just to say the word kombucha?

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