Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Log Off - Shut Down - Go Run... another chance to run!

I had plans for the year to run the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon this year... to get my 6th medal for this race...

I actually registered.. & then went to put it on my calendar & then DANG IT!!!

Noticed I had a wedding already schedule to photograph that same day.

I've already had words with my bride & groom about scheduling a wedding on the biggest running day of the area... they so don't care.

But I was very fortunate to get a refund, which they rarely do... & I have just been pouting about not being able to do a race that day.

Then I see what one of my favorite bloggers had posted....
 Fairytales & Fitness had information about a virtual race coming up that same weekend.

Log Off Shut Down GO Run Virtual 10K - Gone For a Run Virtual Race
Sponsored by Gone For a Run

Even better - it's not a half marathon... something I'm not trained for... but a 10k.  Something I just did & am ready for.

AND its the same weekend of the race I wanted to do.... AND I can do it on Sunday, the day after the wedding.

ANDDDDD the best thing?  It has great swag. 

A cool tank top, a race bib, a fantastic race medal.... for cheaper then the half marathon I was going to do.

I'm so in.

I'm excited.

If I can't run the race I wanted to, this is totally a great substitute that works for me.

I love having goals on my calendar.
Have you ever done a virtual race?

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  1. Replies
    1. Cool!!! :) I love the distance of a 10k anyways ... add in nice swag? Totally gotta do it!

  2. I saw you can choose a water bottle or a pair of socks too! So glad you are doing this!

  3. I want to sign up for this race so bad! The tank is so cute!

    1. Aint going to lie - the tank pushed me to register :)

  4. LOL I have planned to do things and then scheduled weddings and not realized until after what I did. The only difference you are a photographer you kinda have to show up, LOL
    I have left my team to go at weddings along many times, I critique virtually from wherever. They do great thankfully:)
    Very cool about your virtual race, I have never done one before!

  5. this is so awesome girly! congrats :) i don't think i'm gonna do the derby half. i have never done a virtual race before.

  6. So cool! I've done a virtual 5k before (Run Like a Mother) but haven't done one in awhile. Question - I didn't get a race bib for that run but do virtual runners wear their bibs while doing the run? I see them posted all the time on Facebook but didn't know if people actually wear them. If I saw someone running down the street by themselves with a bib on, I'd wonder #1 - why didn't I know about that race? and #2 - are they lost? :)

    I'm doing the KDF Half -- it'll be my first time (but 2nd half) and I'm getting a smidgen worried about it.

    1. I do see people wear their bibs. I usually just save mine to put in my scrapbook :) I'd think the same thing - poor person is lost :)
      You'll do GREAT - I so wish I was doing the KDF Mini... its SOOOO high energy with that crowd of 15,000 people! I know nerves kick in so don't worry - you'll do great. You're just feeling normal race nerves. Are you doing the Papa John 10 Miler? I always said if you can do that, a half is nothing. Those hills of Iroquois just are the worst :)

  7. (it won't let me reply to your reply) ... Yep - doing the 10 miler on Saturday. Last year was my first and was also my first experience with "Iroquois Mountain". I never thought I'd get out of that park! But as I was inhaling my free pizza afterwards, I thought to myself "another 5k and it's a half-marathon!" -- that was when I knew I'd do the half in the future. I'd like to try a marathon at some point but only if it doesn't go through Iroquois ... or Cherokee ... or the knobs ... (can you tell I'm from the flatlands?)

    1. That's the bad thing about the KDFMarathon - it IS through Iroquois. No THANK YOU... 26.2 miles on flatlands is enough!!!! ... & doesn't it take you down to Cherokee park as well? no way.. no way.. no way. You & me sister - flatlands are the best!

  8. That sounds like lots of fun! Hope the run is great!

  9. Virtual Races?!?!? I've never even heard of a virtual race. I am intrigued! I am doing the KDF half so I am most likely out for this one, but I'll have to check it out in the future. In 2011 I did the KDF mini on a Saturday and the Flying Pig in Cincy the next day. That was the closest I've come to completing a full marathon. I'm just not sure I want to tackle that distance. Who knows where running will take me...


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