Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TOTR: Race of my Dreams

Joining up with the ladies for TOTR & talking about the race of my dreams...

I could get real dreamy & say I want a race that has Neil Patrick Harris next to me talking & doing magic tricks...

Or a race where The Black Eyed Peas are playing music live for me down the road on a float...

Or a race where all my friends & family are on the side lines cheering me on with signs & oranges for the asking & fresh cold water...

Or the best part of the race in my dreams?  EVERY RACE PICTURE... perfection! 

Yep... that's a dream race - right?

But a real race that I dream about... still not a secret to anyone that knows me.

The Disney Princess Half Marathon.

I actually had a crying fit when I had my little mini-mental-breakdown about if I should do this last 10k... I told Ricky that I see that race getting further & further away from me.  Every year that goes by, I'm not sure I'll ever do it....

& that breaks my heart....

I gotta run in a tiara & tutu through the Magic Kingdom's Castle...

I just GOTTA....

A dream is a wish your heart makes....


  1. Oh man, you HAVE to get to Princess to try it at least once! There's some craziness with so many "princesses" at the race but running down Main Street USA at dawn in a princess costume is just incredible! I chose to run Gasparilla instead of Princess this year and I missed it. I really hope to see you there one day SOON! :) Thanks for linking up with us today!

    1. I'd probably be a blubbering mess running down Main Street.... dream come true!

  2. You know what I think about this!!!! I DO hope you get to run the princess half. I KNOW you can do it. Even the princess 10K is lots of fun too!

  3. The Princess was my first half marathon and is what made me fall in love with running. You HAVE to do it!!!

    1. I don't see how anyone couldn't love running that... even if you hated running :)

  4. I hope you get a chance to run Disney! I would probably spend too much time checking out the registration page, filling in the blanks and then ... whoops! My finger slips and I'm registered! ;) That's actually how I signed up for my first half so I know it happens.

    1. I just wish it wasn't so expensive!!!!! UGH!!!

    2. Yeah ... I checked the cost one time ... just for kicks. There's got to be a discount code somewhere ... there's just gotta be. Especially if you have to factor in travel to get there and food/lodging. Until then, I'm sticking to local races. I do like the idea of doing a destination race by the time I'm 50 (7 more years). I still hope you get a chance to run as Belle through the streets of Disney!

  5. I hope you do get a chance to do your dream race!!!!!
    I have heard that one is a great one!


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