Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our local 10K goes viral

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Our little 10k is popping up everywhere.

It started on our local Facebook pages... then the governor shared the picture & it started spreading around Kentucky... & then before you know it, I see it on Nightly news stations & even last night on Entertainment Tonight it was mentioned...

& now, the gusto of it all - its on Runner's World website!

Check it out right Here

The story is about Asia Ford. 

If you hadn't heard of the story, she's recently been on a journey of weight loss - especially after her diabetic husband had some surgeries removing a limb.  She's lost a tremendous amount of weight & is still PRESSING ON to loose more.

On this journey, she's working out & tackling the Triple Crown of running - which involved the 10K I just did this weekend.  The Rodes City Run.

Asia got really sick at mile 4 & a police officer & an ambulance had noticed her & came up behind her to ask if she wanted to stop.

She refused. 

So the police officer, Lieutenant Aubrey Gregory stayed with her, & talked to her telling her stories of his family that had diabetes, doing everything he could to almost 'distract' her from the race... helping her get to the finish line.

& she made it... holding the hand of her son & onto the arm of the officer.

I just want to cry every time I hear the story.

The good in people.
The strength of people who does not want to give up.
The story of endurance.

I was thinking about it & while Asia's story has gotten a lot of publicity - as it should - I think of how many people have stories that crossed that same finish line....

& I guarantee you, a lot of those people had others who supported them, who helped them cross the finish line.

I know I did.

I know I'm not alone.

This just shows that a finish line is a goal for everyone. An individual success.

& while we all have our own stories crossing that finish line, I still love when the lime light is shined down on some of these people. 

I guarantee you that someone was inspired somewhere to start moving...
To take that journey to get to a finish line somewhere....
All because Asia Ford decided to do it herself.

I bet when Asia laced up her shoes Saturday morning, she had no idea how many people she would touch... I'm sure that officer had no clue himself.
I love that you just never know when you are going to inspire someone in this world.


  1. I hadn't heard this story, so thanks for sharing :) Asia sounds awesome!

  2. This is absolutely amazing! It is not always the fastest people and the people who "place" in the races that inspire people. It is people like Asia that do! Glad this race got so much publicity. Aren't you glad you decided to run it?

  3. What an amazing story, and your commentary is spot on! I'm more inspired by people like Asia than I am by elite athletes. I love REAL people, looking at whatever obstacles they have would keep a lot of people from running, and tackling them anyway. I love the picture of her with her arms in the air! Her face says it all.

  4. That is awesome and such an incredible story!!!!!

  5. OMG that was your local race!? This story completely blows my mind. Asia is amazing. <3

    1. Isn't it the best story?!?!? ... yep, my race I just did... makes me EVEN happier that I did it so I could say I was there :)

  6. I saw that and I thought it might be your race! I love the story. I also love that when we're hearing so much about racism in police forces that it's a young white officer helping an African American woman.

  7. This was so awesome! I never know what to do if I see someone who might be struggling in a race -- words of encouragement? cheer them on? silently root for them to keep moving till they cross the line? I'm not even sure what I would want others to do for me if they see me struggling -- but for Asia's son to step out and take her hand and then the officer to walk along side her and talk to her to keep her mind off the struggle -- that's just amazing and does much to restore my faith in humanity and our community! Go Asia!!

    1. I once came across a young lady during a half marathon who was sitting on the side of the road... I stopped & asked if she was OK & she ended up walking with me & we finished the last 3 miles together... I had the best time talking with her. She thanked me so much for stopping. You never know who you'll cross paths with in a race :)

  8. This was so awesome! I now follow Asia on FB, and she really is such an inspiration!!


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