Monday, March 2, 2015

How the month went... February 2015

Feb 2015

February 2015
*26.31 Miles Finished (up 5.21 from last month!!!)
*14 days of working out total for month
(Same as January... which with a awful February - I'm impressed with)
*7 days hitting Step Goal

February... kinda sucked...

When you do a lot of trips to the hospital, working out isn't top priority...

When you loose a family member, working out isn't top priority...

When my dad is getting ANOTHER 8 inches of his colon taken out, working out isn't top priority...

But my 10k training has kept on the best it can & I'm proud of myself for at least staying consistent when I can...

It all just reminds me of my year goal... just move...

My 5k is coming up this weekend & the goals of the races in March (which we are in... really?  Where is Spring weather Ms. March?) just reminds me that I just want to move.  I'm probably going slower then ever... but I'm going... all I care about.

I have gotten back to tracking my food the past few days too.  Not on My Fitness Pal - mainly because that just drives me crazy actually.  I hate that count that shows you how many days consistently you've logged in... & I get so stupid mad at a day I'll miss because hello, death in the family, & then those day counts are back to one.  Forget it - that just ticks me off... so I've created another health journal.  See that spreadsheet above?  Please... my health journal is even better :)  #IamaNerd #HUGEnerd

I will say, my 10K training helped me FINALLY win a FitBit challenge.  I am usually in last place - I'm getting used to being last apparently in all things - but when I found out I WON one, I felt like I just won the Gold in the Olympics...

I kept the whole Yoga thing up whenever I could... still hate it... GOD, I HATE IT!

Harvey hates it too.... #boring

I even went back to some strength training days with Jillian... who makes my quads cry.  No one should have to do that many squats in a 30 minute time span.

And yep, I'm still getting miles ranked up.... I'm not minding the slow pace though. My knee & back are cooperating with it.  That's what its about for me. I think I want a shirt when I run that says something like "I'm just moving at my own pace" ...

Down side... my Polar Heart race monitor has been bombing on me mid-exercise lately.  UGHHHH!!!!  So now I'm on the hunt & trying to decide if I want another polar HR watch or if I want to invest in a tracking devise that has the heart rate monitor built in that....

I wish I could tell you how much I hate decisions...

So onto March...
How was your February?


  1. Good job on the workout that you did. I agree, it is so hard to think of anything else ( let alone working out) when a family member is not well. When I first started my running journey ( years ago) my grandma was diagnosed with cancer. My days were filled with taking care of her and visits to the hospital. The running stopped completely and actually it wasn't for another few years that I even stepped on a treadmill again. -M

  2. i think for the month you had, you did amazingly well. i have no idea about the heart rate thingy, i only have a garmin that tracks my running!

  3. Great job! Use your glutes and hammies more during squats, they can handle the load a lot better than quads ;)

  4. Great job on the consistency with your running! Also congrats on your Fitbit Challenge win! I am guessing you'll be winning more and more:)

  5. Here's hoping for a better March for you! I can't stand squats ... maybe if I had a bar to pull myself back up with. And yoga makes me anxious to hurry up and finish so I can do something "productive". I love the FitBit challenges -- nothing brings out competition among friends and family than seeing that little trophy at the end! :) Good luck this weekend at the 5k! It'll be great to run outside again. I feel like I need to get a nameplate for my treadmill at the YMCA ... :(

  6. Keep up the good work! I love your positive attitude. A positive mind always comes in handy in life. I cannot get into the yoga thing either. At least you try!

    I am guessing you are going for the Louisville Triple Crown! Good luck this weekend! Hopefully this crazy Louisville weather cooperates for us.

  7. Nice work on your overall goal to keep moving! You're right that life definitely needs to take priority, so it's good that you were consistent and kept at it. Good luck at your 5K this weekend!

  8. Kudos to you for getting anything done with the month you had, let alone this much. When I'm not in the mood to really focus on yoga, but I know I need to do it, I'll pop on a video I know well enough to do without sound and have that on while I watch TV....


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