Wednesday, March 4, 2015

{Dear Diary} Sitting

Dear Diary,

Today I'm talking to you about something most people really enjoy. 

I enjoy it myself at times. 

But lately, its just grating on my nerves.  Literally, my nerves.. in my back...

Sitting.  I'm talking about sitting.

It's funny because my poor husband walks about 15-18 miles A DAY at his job... I sit for 9 hours at mine.  I have to WORK to get over 1,500 steps in at work.  That's taking time to get up from my desk every hour & just walk around the room for a minute or two.

Its sad I have to make an effort to move.  It's even sadder that people look at your like you have 5 heads if you just get up to walk, just because. 

Its like these desks are little prisons & if you get up to walk, its basically the same as scaling the wall & escaping.

The cutest prison break ever

It feels like prison sometimes too.  Or at least some sort of torture device.  I can feel the pressure of sitting on my back.  My body gets stiff from aching.  When I get up to move, I feel like I do when I lay in bed for 8 hours sleeping ... sorry diary, I laughed a bit thinking that I said 8 hours of sleep.  We both know its more like 5 or 6, but a girl can dream.

A body shouldn't be STIFF from not moving. 

I know a time will come when I'm older & my body just naturally gets stiffer, tighter.  I don't like that I feel that I'm basically 103 right now... all because of my work.

Granted.  I know I'm lucky that I don't have to stand on my feet all day like some people do. Or have to walk all day like my husband, who comes home exhausted & suffers from leg cramps from moving constantly.

So I guess Diary, I need to know what the happy medium is.  What job is there that I can sit, but move.... walk, but rest when I need to.

I think it's becoming a Disney princess.

Where you can also DANCE with Tony Dovolani?
yep... that's what I wanna do!
Where you can sway to music with a Prince.... where you can squat to talk to little kids... where you can prop a stool under those massive dresses & no one will ever know you're taking a break...

Yep... problem solved.

Thanks Diary.

The Blonder Side of Life</


  1. OMG. I hate sitting! I get anxious if I don't move for a period of time. I'm lucky that I help run a gym so although I sit at a desk, I can also get up and move if need be.!

  2. Ok, so I totally just realized that you are right. Those disney princess in their big ball gowns could totally be sitting on a stool under there and we would never

    Perhaps you should get a standing desk so you have the option of working like that for a while. Maybe you can trade you work chair in for one of those exercise balls? How does your husband get that many miles in each day?

  3. Seriously me too! I have a fit bit and it is SAD how little I move during work. I try to take the steps as much as possible and get up and do laps every once in a while, but if I get busy there's just no time for it!

  4. And having the job as a Disney Princess means you'll always have something to wear, and look your best and you'll be like famous to every kid under 10, and many over, LOL
    Ya that would be an awesome job!
    But seriously, I know what you mean it's tough to find a job that does both. I guess if you can get a desk treadmill job like a lot of companies are going with, that is another option:)

  5. About a thousand years ago, I worked in a call center where I was plugged into a phone all day. It drove me buggy. I just couldn't sit for 8 hours. I was always standing, squatting, leaning on my desk. I'm sure everyone laughed at me. Now I stand most of the day, which is fine, except that my feet hurt and I tend to overuse that as an excuse to skip running. Let me know if you ever achieve that happy medium!

  6. Yes! Disney Princess!! But I agree with you, I try to get up and walk away from my desk as much as possible b/c I get just plain tired of sitting!! Our bodies were not made to sit all darn day! But alas, that is the world we're in now. Let's just go be princesses together and forget about sitting at a desk lol

  7. Sitting is the worst but being a Disney Princess sounds like the perfect solution to me as well! :)

  8. Ugh... welcome to my torture world of cubicle land. And believe me since I hurt my tailbone its even worse. I am like you and find things to do just so I can walk.


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