Monday, March 23, 2015

10K... I DID IT!!!!

Yep... I left Friday not sure what was going to happen....

& honestly I woke up on Saturday not expecting to do the race.

I woke up still feeling stuffy headed.  I woke up with stomach cramps. I woke up feeling weak.  I just felt BLAH.

Ricky told me not to do the race. Just get back in bed.  "It's not the last race in the world"

I knew this.  But I just threw the biggest pity party you could imagine.  Crying.  Turned into sobbing.  Over a race. Over a stupid race.

But it was just a personal struggle to me. 

I can feel time weighing on me.  Every year, it gets harder.  & I know if I start making excuses, it will just be easier & easier to just not show up at a race.  & granted, I felt bad, but I still knew inside that if I went out there, I would be able to do it. I just knew it.  So what was really the excuse?

Plus, to be honest, I was mad.

I had this goal of this 10k.

most people have half marathon or full marathon goals. I had one measly little goal of a pitiful 10k... & if I couldn't make that.  I felt like a failure. 

I know some people wouldn't get that. I know Runner totally get that.

So it was 7:15 & the race started at 8... & that's when I started throwing on clothes, even with tears still running down my face.  I literally had no idea what I was putting on & hoping it would work with the temps.

Ricky decided to forego this race so he could just drop me off & we wouldn't have to worry about parking - especially after the parking nightmare of the last race 2 weeks before.... & mercy, we made good time.

& we got really lucky because we found a parking spot for $3.00 that was about a half mile from the start.  Ricky was able to go to the start line with me... & we had about 2 minutes to spare.  After the last race, that felt like a lifetime.

The gun went off & I literally started crying... just because I was thankful I was at the start.  I didn't know how it would end up, but I was so proud of myself for just showing up there at that spot....

Ricky ended up running with me about the first quarter mile - in his jeans - & then headed back to the finish to wait for me.

The first mile, I started coughing & I pretty much was choking on my own snot. GROSS!!!! ... which sort of threw me into a mild panic attack in the 2nd mile.  Choking is never something that makes running easy....

But I hit a good downhill in the middle of mile 2 that seemed to make everything ease up.  & I even hit the 5k mark 2 minutes earlier then the race I did 2 weeks before!

From there, I just tried to stay to my intervals, knowing I hadn't worked out in a week because I was sick, & still feeling a little shaky & weak from eating nothing but soup & laying in bed for 7 days.

I get to 5.5 miles & look & see Ricky walking on the sidewalk looking for me. 

It's funny how we've been married for so long but in certain moments in life, when we see each other, its like the movies where we just want to run to each other.... #love

He checked to see how I was feeling - perfectly fine
& then he held my  hand as I crossed the finish line.


I did it even though I felt bad.

My time... sucked... royally... like the WORST 10K ever for me... like 17 minutes slower then my PR... Holy cow... that's embarrassing...

but that's OK...

I had a little bit of a sulk over that when I got home, but had to remind myself not to focus on the bad.  Focus on the good.  Focus on accomplishments.

We went & had our usual Panera breakfast afterwards & Ricky told me he was so glad I went because he said he knows I would have cried over it all weekend if I stayed home... I totally would have...

That goal I set a few months back to do this race... marked off...

Now onto the next challenge....



  1. Yeah!! So glad you were able to get to the race and accomplish your goal!! :) Awesome job and yes, it was glorious weather! I had started with a jacket and had to peel it off 1/2 way through. Way-to-go!!!!!

    PS - the race committee, in their infinite wisdom/ignorance, gave me the worst bib number ever (666). I didn't want to run with it - tried to get a new one (nope) - wanted to run with it upside down (nope) - so I added 1/2 to the number (since I'm training for the KDF half next month), wrote I'm a Running Beast on the bottom, and wrote Phil 3:14 on the top to help me remember it's just a number and to keep my eye on the prize. Wanted to share that since it kinda matches your blog title and all. :) Again, congrats to you!!

    1. That is the BEST thing ever. I would TOTALLY have done the same thing with that bib number!!!!

  2. I'm sooooooooooooooooooo glad that you completed the race! You are awesome! Congrats!

  3. Huge congrats and I love that Ricky was so sweet about all of it.

  4. Never call a 10k a measily distance, serious girl that is awesome!!! Some people would give anything to be able to run that far:)
    You definitely had your struggles going into it, but you did it and time doesn't matter because you finished and sounds like despite the illness had a great time. At least that smile in your last picture shows happiness:)
    Great job!!!! Hoping you can get over you sinus infection for good, and very soon!!!!

  5. I am SO proud of you! I was wondering about you this weekend, I stayed off social media therefore I didn't see any IG updates! Finishing a 10K is a HUGE accomplishment and don't think otherwise.

  6. I'm so proud of you and so glad you did it!! That right there is amazing. I hope you're feeling better now and that running didn't make it any worse!

  7. You did it!!!!! WAY TO GO! Be proud!!

  8. You call it your worst ever, but I personally think it's your freaking BEST EVER. The fact that you went out there feeling the way you felt and still got it done is so beyond awesome. And the love that you and Ricky have for each other brings tears to my eyes. You are the cutest couple of all time. :) Congratulations on your race!! You set out with a goal in mind and you GOT IT. Times don't matter!

    1. Ahhh - this is the best comment. You made ME teary eyed :)

  9. Good for you!! I'm so impressed and honestly, I know that feeling and when I end up giving up I feel so much guilt. But when I follow through I'm a thousand times more proud of myself. So I agree with Salt, best run ever be proud my dear xx

    1. See... I knew my running friends would totally get it!

  10. Reading what you said about crying at the start line because you were so thankful just to be there....THAT is what I love about running. You persevered despite less than stellar circumstances, and that is something you should be immensely proud of. Way to go!

  11. So Proud of you!!! I've had days like that too where I'm just so happy I made it to the finish line, and yes have shed a few tears as I finish even if it was a horrible showing (not that yours was!)


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