Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stupid head cold... I will get you...

So another day... another sniffling head... another moment of gasping for air...

head colds - sinus infections - whatever this thing is - it sucks!

Yesterday was so beautiful.

If it were an ordinary day, I would have ran home & put on some clothes & headed out for a run or walk, or whatever... just something to keep me out in the beautiful day.

Instead, I felt like I was basically sludging down the steps at work & threw myself in the car, feeling like I could barely hold my head up for the drive home.


But I did get a notice that Starbucks was having a buy one tea, get one free.  How can you NOT stop at Starbucks for a deal like that? 

$3.67 for two Venti's... I'll take it!

So I headed in & told myself that green tea is good for the immune system - right?  This was just medicine ... for my body & my soul...

I got home & changed clothes & just THOUGHT about working out... & was exhausted after just changing my clothes. 

Forget that.

So I took my green tea & sat outside & read a book for an hour.  Or at least read for about 15 minutes & just laid my head back for the other 45 minutes...

Ricky told me I need sleep to heal up, but I HATE trying to lay down when you can't breath.

But I did make some soup.

Soup is healthy when your sick - right?

& then I put on some Thieves on my feet & some other Essential Oils around my face to try & open up my sinuses.

I'm not great at how to use all these oils yet... obviously... or I may not have gotten sick in the first place.

Come to think of it - I've only GOTTEN sick since I started using these oils... hmmm...


& finished my night with a Strawberry fresh fruit bar to ease my sore throat.

I'm trying all the natural things I can to try & beat this stupid thing.

I even traded in my coffee for another cup of antioxidant full tea.... with raw honey.

come on healthy things... kick in for me... QUICK!


  1. oh seriously, you need to get better girl! i've had enough, for you!

  2. You tried everything I would have tried! I hope you get well soon. I feel like everyone I know is sick right now!

  3. You should try something called "Buckleys" it is gross and it taste like you are eating a spoonful of Vicks vapor rub ( so hold your nose while you swallow it), but it works. Go look for it at your pharmacy!

  4. So last time I had one, a co-worker swore apple cider vinegar was the thing to take for them and she swore by it. I didn't end up trying it, but thought I would mention it just in case:)
    I hope you get better soon, I know how miserable they are. I sleep with those nasal strips on at night and saline mist spray during the day, although you're probably already using those:)


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