Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'm awesome!

Remember when I did that post a few weeks back about Katie Hopkins & her documentary, where she's basically just a awful person to over weight people & those who struggle with the battle of the scale?

Did you see she was in the news last week?

Against Kelly Clarkson...

Kelly Clarkson, Katie Hopkins

That little #(@*)$*#) ... I had so many names I was screaming at the TV when I heard the story.

Miss Miserable made comments about America's Sweetheart & saying something about Kelly Clarkson eating her backup singers & then saying something about glad she had a wide screen TV to watch her.


Kelly just had a baby not too long ago, not to mention she's been very open about her struggle with the up & down scale.  Girlfriend - I feel you.

But Katie Hopkins even scoffed that & said it wasn't baby weight.  It's Carrot cake weight.

Just shut up hag.

The reason I even bring this up?  Because of Kelly Clarkson's reaction

"She tweeted something nasty about me?" ... & after she found out what the old hag said, the reaction.... "That's because she doesn't know me.  I'm awesome!"

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She went on to say, "I just never cared what people think. It's more if I'm happy & I'm confident & feeling good, that's always been my thing..... I don't seek out any other acceptance"

I have loved this girl since Season 1 of American Idol. 

Who remembers Brian Dunkleman? 

Anyways... Kelly has just made me smile.

In a world where I think most of us DO care about what others say about us & the appearance we put out there that gets judged so easily, I love this sort of attitude is possible.  & needs to be reinforced often.

What a beautiful role model for her daughter....

We all need to remind ourselves that we are awesome ...

we all are amazing at certain things in this world...
we are all beautiful in our own ways...
we all have talents that can help others...


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  1. I saw this on the news and only knew who she was because I had read your post!! I love Kelly Clarkson, too, and I think she's great. Her attitude is refreshing and inspiration to me, a fellow weight-struggler. :)

  2. I have loved Kelly Clarkson since day one and this just confirmed it even more!

  3. I have always liked Kelly Clarkson and after reading this I like her a whole lot more.
    I get so annoyed with people who come down on others after they've just gone through pregnancy, I see my sisters struggle to lose it, not everyone can drop the weight the day the baby pops out, and no one should ever comment whether they do or don't.
    I don't even like when people comment about other's being overweight, it's just rude and so not classy! I don't watch or listen to Katie Hopkins, I couldn't even tell you what station or what she does. Frankly, if I ever come across her in the future I will just be turning the station!

  4. Oh, do not get me started on this woman. She is horrid! And obviously she needs a burger or two because she is cranky as hell. In all seriousness-- this proves that you can be skinny as you want but if you have an ugly personality it doesn't matter how you try to cover it (or not), it will show. And Kelly is such a sweetheart. I love her!

  5. I didn't see this but I remember reading about that lady on your blog before and she couldn't even lose all the weight she set out to lose. Give her a break, she just had a baby. She looks great! -L

  6. When heard about what that rude lady said my jaw just about dropped to the floor. And we wonder why so many young girls of issues with body image. Kelly's response = awesome.

  7. I love Kelly's response! To be comfortable in your own skin and to love yourself is something WE all should do! Such a great comeback to such a rude statement!

  8. I've always respected Kelly Clarkson because she seems so down to earth. She's also open and honest about her own struggles with body image, and as a teenager, I really appreciated her knowing that the Kelly Clarkson on the cover of an album wasn't the Kelly Clarkson that she saw in the mirror.

    I cannot believe how cruel people can be. That woman should be ashamed!

  9. How old is this Katie Hopkins? Like, 10? Sounds like something you'd say in grade school. Love Kelly's response!!! You go, girl!

  10. I so agree with you, Kelly is awesome and we all need to remind ourselves that we are too!

  11. I love Kelly's response! Thanks for sharing and for the great reminder that we are awesome. We definitely need to remind ourselves and others of our infinite worth!

  12. This is the first pic I've seen of her baby! Goodness that child is cute!
    So I heard about this somewhere else the other day and I immediately thought of you because I had never heard of that terrible wench Katie until you wrote about her previously. She is straight out of evil. I like to tell myself that she is just saying such vile things for attention because no one can actually be that terrible right?


    Kelly is awesome and classy. And not to bring looks into it because I am not one to attack personal appearance, but if Katie wants to go there...just look at that side by side picture. Kelly is beautiful. She handled all of this far better than I would have ever been able to. I think if anything this madness has made her even MORE popular with people!


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