Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TOTR: Treats

Joining up with the ladies at Tuesdays on the Run... with today's topic being TREATS

I think running & especially racing is ALL about the treats...

I used to go to races by myself - I think the hubs thought it would be something I would grow out of, so my treat after a race used to be just grabbing a banana & heading home since I didn't want to hang out in a crowd by myself.

But now that he comes to races with me, our favorite treat after a race? 
Panera Bread.  Oh yeah baby.... I don't think I can go wrong there.

Between their oatmeal with strawberries or their egg white sandwich with avocado & spinach? 

I'm all of a sudden hungry seeing this
.... I'm ready to go run a race just to grub this down!!!!...

Oh goodness... yes please.  Its kind of become a routine for us now to Panera before the breakfast menu changes to lunch. 

Well even sit out in the car if we're too sweaty or stinky & enjoy our munches.

During race time, probably one of my favorite treats was during a half marathon during October - which was quite chilly -& they had hot soup at the finish line... that was super nice.

& one other race, I rarely ever do the massage thing, but the line was short for a small race & it was free.  Hello!  I love free....

so I jumped on the table & walked away feeling like a million bucks... I need to do that more often.

So what are your favorite race treats?
Any routine places you stop after?
Tuesdays On The Run


  1. I just went to Panera the other day with my mother and I was so excited to try all their healthier options!

  2. Panera is YUMMY! That would be great post-race. And I've never done the massages after races because I always feel too sweaty and gross to let someone give me a massage. Maybe I'll try it one day, I bet it would feel fantastic!

  3. oh man I love eating out after a race! i love when the races have those panera thingys for free, i eat like 5 of them. this weekend is just the 5k so we aren't going to eat after, but we are having a party so i am gonna pig out like it's my job. oops. are you doing the triple crown, i forgot? kc hates coming to races with me, but he does, love him ;) he really hates hanging around and the traffic. oops.

  4. Ryan Gosling.... that boy and the memes...lol. I have to admit that I workout so I can eat. Not even going to deny it. The last race I did, they had all kind of healthy treats from The Fresh Market and I did not want to leave.

  5. Ok my treats after a race include burgers, fries, and all the milkshakes to fill my belly. Proud of you for keepin it healthy lol

  6. Ooh, that Panera sandwich looks yummy. And I could totally go for a foot massage, as long as they are careful with my toes.

  7. A post race massage is amazing. I need to make sure to do that more often! Thanks for linking up with us today!

  8. Panera Bread...been there done that. It's an extra special treat when they serve Panera Bread pastries after a race and you don't have to make a special stop.

  9. After a race I always have to go to Starbucks for the biggest coffee they have. I LOVE Panera though and have recently started going more frequently because Betty loves it too. That sandwich looks delicious!


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