Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I just want to be able to take my phone for a run.....


They started off with the idea of making the next generation a smaller one.  They were getting tinier & tinier...

& then they started doing more things then just make a phone call.

I mean, who really gets a cell phone for only the purpose of using it as a phone.

Ha... funny thought...

so the phones have now gotten bigger & bigger... & basically the size of a small tablet.

But man, I am so aggravated because I can't find anything to fit my Samsung Galaxy S5 when I'm out for a run.

I had just bought a HB Tunes holder for my last phone... literally a few months before I got a new phone. I LOVED this thing...

Fits so nicely on your hand so you are holding it but you don't have to keep your fist tight.

I went & bought one for my new phone... anddddddd....my phone doesn't fit in it.  Well, it would if I took the cover off but I don't want to take off my security cover.  That's the point - security. I know as soon as I take it off, I'm dropping that baby & my world will be in utter chaos.

So I sent it back & ordered a Flip Belt....

It says it holds big phones...

Only I got mine yesterday ... & could someone PLEASE tell me how this phone goes in that slot?

I know it stretches but ... no....

I almost made a reference to a mother giving birth but I've refrained.  You're welcome.

I think its because my case has rubber on the edging - which for the record, has saved my phone on many drops already.  But that rubber is holding onto the material & wont let my phone slide in.


make something my phone will go in without me having to fight a battle of getting a case off & then living in fear that I'm going to destroy this thing that holds so much of my life in it....

I know... #firstworldproblems


  1. I almost never run with my phone which is probably unsafe but you know, I don't care. Good luck finding something! When I do run with mine I just shove it into my back zipper pocket on my shorts which looks ridiculous but works or it actually fits pretty well in the little packs attached to my water bottles. I only have an iphone though. I don't get you huge phone having people ;)

  2. I feel your pain. I really liked being able to wear my phone on my arm -- didn't use it for music, just for RunKeeper and security. Then I upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a 6 and apparently I'm going to have to duct-tape that puppy to my arm. Can't find an arm-holder anywhere. I did get a belt to put it in from Pacers & Racers (DH calls it a glorified fanny-pack. Whatever.) but I haven't used it yet because I'm paranoid about the phone falling and crashing to the pavement when I try to get the it out to check time or pace. So far, the runs I've done since upgrading have been cold enough to wear my running jacket with pockets ... that's not going to work once the weather warms up. I hope you find something soon!

    1. If you find something, let me know!!! There's gotta be SOMETHING out there that works.. .besides a backpack!

  3. HA, and this is the EXACT reason that I still buy a Blackberry year after year. My Blackberry fits perfectly in the pocket of my running skirts! I have that flipbelt and it fits in there too. My sister recently had to replace her phone and she MADE sure that the one she got would fit in her belt. She ended up with the Samsung Mini, which isn't all that small, but smaller that the Galaxy 4 that she did have. I would suggest that you look into the Hippie Runner belt. They are running belts that have zipper pockets and the one I had had a fairly large "stretchable" pocket! Good luck!

  4. Oh man! Something tells me that's not going to work! What a bummer!

  5. Yeah! WHY are the phones getting bigger? I dread the day I'll have to replace my iPhone 4. It fits in my spibelt and my water belt but I have to remove the case. I'm not sure a 5 or 6 will fit at all. The running industry is just going to have to keep up with the phones.

  6. Haha so true! When I first got my SPI Belt my previous iPhone fit in it great. And then I upgraded. Thank goodness I don't have one of those massive iPhone 6's or else I'd have to run with a wheelbarrow!

  7. I used to run with an armband for my iPhone 5 and that worked okay, but still bothered me. Then I got the 6 and decided to not even buy an armband. I rarely run with my phone now and if I do I just hold it.

  8. So I am really glad I saw this post. I had to switch from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy a while back and I hate how big the phone is. But I was thinking of buying a flipbelt. I don't run with my phone, but if I am traveling I do run with a phone in a race, and if it won't fit my phone, I don't want to buy it.
    The flipbelt doesn't look that difficult to make, I am seriously thinking maybe I'll just make my own, and I can create the pocket size I want in it, hmmm I may actually give it a try:)

  9. Just thought of something I saw on Pinterest but haven't tried yet -- it's using a funky and widowed sock, cut the foot off, slide up your arm and then double over on itself to hold your phone. It's not the best suggestion but it's something to try if you don't want to carry your phone in your hand (my hands get all icky-sweaty running) and don't want to go with a backpack. :)

  10. I know I already commented. But I was serious about getting one of these. I contacted them directly about a Samsung Galaxy not fitting, since that is what I have too. They told me it would, but if it has a thick rubber case it might be a bit of a struggle, but still should fit. So maybe you got a defect one, that the pocket wasn't big enough? Either way, I'd contact them and call them out on it, maybe they'll refund or send you another.


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