Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Things Friday

It's a free for all this Friday, so I'm going with the topic of Things I learned in February

ONE // Take care of yourself

After we lost Michael to alcohol, it's such an eye opening thing to me about how much we need to take care of ourselves any way we can.  So much we can't control about our health... but so much that we can.  I really always have been aware of things that are harmful to my body... but I'm even more on high alert.  Even more so for my friends & family.  If I slap something out of your hands that I think is harmful, just go with it.

TWO // I can do early morning runs

I hate working out in the morning.  I can't do morning work outs on work days because I would have to get up at 4:00am to do that... & that just ain't gonna happen...

But when I had to take my dad to the hospital for a surgery last week, I knew I would be too beat up to do my run when I got home, so I got up before I had to take him to the hospital &I got my run in.  It felt great to have it accomplished before I did anything else in the day.  My body sort of panicked the first 5 minutes, but it adjusted... morning sweats don't work for me.  But I did it...

THREE // I am lacking water

I used to be really good at drinking water.  I've been marking it lately & finding I'm basically the Sahara.  I'm not drinking nearly anything I used to.  That could explain why I've cut my bathroom trips down from 500 a day to a normal amount.  I need to start drinking up again.

FOUR // Stress wears on your body

With the loss of my brother in law & my dad being in the hospital, not to mention normal stress of life - snow storms, photography business issues, dirty house & laundry as tall as my head.... I can feel how stress really takes its toll.  The tension in the body, the rapid breathing, the worn out feeling of it all.  Not good.  I really need to look into that meditation thing more.

FIVE // My treadmill isn't so bad after all

I used to hate my treadmill.  I'd run in freezing weather or rain just to avoid it.  But for some reason, this time around during winter, I'm just not feeling up to getting outside.  I've really grown to love my treadmill.  Maybe because I can get on it in pajama bottoms or bright red knee high socks with running shorts... anything goes when no one can see you.  The Middle & Hot in Cleveland also has been my distraction while on the mill making it a laugh fest... laughter can distract me from a lot of things I usually don't like.

What have you learned this February?


  1. I also love The This month I have learned that Yes, there is such a thing as "too much running". I learned I need to pick and choose my races very carefully. Doing them all is really making be fatigued!

  2. Great that you're loving the dreadmill! So true, take care of your body!

  3. As you know, I love my tm too! I totally wear weird things too, and no one ever knows.
    JLaw is too gorgeous. Ugh!!

  4. Taking care of your body is a good rule to follow. I've been terrible about it for too long now. I've cut down on exercise and upped the bad food. I need to reverse that trend!

  5. i wish i had a treadmill in my house, i would run wearing pajamas or whatever as well. i have to go to the gym and people look at me weird if i dont like have a neat ponytail or something. and yay for morning runs!!!!!
    taking care of yourself - yes. so true. its horrible that things happen that make us realise it, but really and truly, if we don't take care of ourselves... who will?

  6. love that gif. and yes - stress will WEAR YOU DOWN. hope you have a restful week!


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