Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I am a plan kinda girl....

This sinus infection is killing me... it honestly is lasting longer then any sinus infection I think I've ever had.  I am about ready to scream... or cry... or both...

Needless to say, this past weekend, I did zero, zippo working out.  I think I would have passed out if I tried.

I did get something in the mail that made me EXCITED about working out though...

I saw a deal on this a few weeks ago & decided to buy it.  After all, I do have my black belt - I KNOW martial arts. It's what is comfortable for me... & works me out... I love kick boxing. 

I have one of those personalities that wants to do things NOW ... so I thought I would start off Monday with this & jump into the program.

But then Monday came & I remembered something. I've registered for a 5k & a 10k in March....

So I stopped & devised a plan.

I really want to do these races. I miss races. The excitement of them.  So I'm holding off on starting the LesMills Combat until after the 10K on March 21st...

& I think it works out perfectly because I open up my Training book (Marathoning for Mortals) & look at the half marathon training plan & the exact number of weeks until the race, the training takes me up to 7 miles - perfect for a 10K

I laced up my shoes & got on the treadmill excited about this plan...

& even better - my first day on the TM was great. 

Now, be reminded, I am not going to push myself to crazy expectations. I'm in these races for fun - not to PR - not to do any more harm to my knee or low back.  I want to just do my New Years resolution - just move... enjoy life....

So while my first night was slow, I enjoyed moving... & better yet?  I had no back pain, no knee pain. 

My bicep tendon has flared up from swinging my arm again, but I'm used to that thing always aching....

& I know my back & knee will soon flare up, but fingers crossed that if I stay a slow pace, it wont be as bad... if at all (please Lord?)

... & the best part? I already know what I'm doing after the 10K... my LesMills program is waiting for me to get my kick on

I am a plan girl... I need a plan.. & its in full effect... & I'm excited about it...


  1. Wow, you really like those high intensity workout dvd's. I just can't get into those. They intimidate me. My sister use to teach LesMills Workouts at the gym she worked at so I am sure she would like it! -M

  2. Cool! And "You go, girl!!" I know I need to do some sort of cross-training but I pretty much stick to running my intervals (actually, no set interval. It's run till I can't, then walk, then run some more till I can't - repeat. It's more walking than running but so what?) I'm doing a 10k on March 21st too -- are you doing the Triple Crown? If so, I hope to finally meet you and tell you "thanks for being an inspiration!" and "You go, girl!!" :)

  3. Yay for a good plan! I haven't read Marathoning for Mortals but I read his book "An Accidental Athlete" and really enjoyed it. Very relatable!

  4. I'm so sorry girl! You need to go get on the anti-biotics. I know sinus infections last 4-6 weeks, but the meds will definitely make the headache and pain go away and things can clear up. Plus if you do go in, ask your Doc for some Hydracodine for the pain, I always do. One of those with the antibiotics, get like 2 weeks worth of pain pills:) definitely the best way to get rid of the headache!! I have a sinus infection too, mine I don't think is as bad as yours yet, mine is only a little over 2 weeks into it, but I am going to the Doc Friday if it doesn't start clearing with the Flonaise prescription I have been using. Hope you get feeling better soon!!! You need your health so you can enjoy your upcoming races in March!!!

  5. Yay for a plan! Though I do hope your sinus infection gets better and goes away soon, those are no fun.

  6. Yay! Awesome that you have a good plan & are motivated!


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