Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fat & Back....

Did anyone else catch that special on TLC a few weeks ago called Fat & Back?

It was a British documentary about a lady, Katie Hopkins, who is VERY VERY vocal of her hate of "Fat people"... she has no sense of compassion of anyone's situation or story - if you are over weight, you are disgusting & fat.

I think she's on some sort of the "most hated people in the world" list.  Seriously.  That just tells you a little bit about her personality.

& now maybe we can see WHY she's on the most hated list

I also just saw she's was on the UK version of The Apprentice & made it to the finals... oh my... I could see her on that.  She's cut throat.

Anyways - with her loathing of disgusting fat people, she wanted to prove that people are fat because they want to be - no other reason.

She set out to gain 42 lbs in 12 weeks & then she wanted to show that she could easily take it off in the same amount of time with just moving more, eating less.

How dumb is this... but I'll watch it.

Well, the first problem was, she was having a hard time gaining weight.

OK.. .let's stop... here's the point right there.  Anyone that has a HARD TIME GAINING WEIGHT can't even understand the point she's trying to make.  There are people out there who can eat just a little over 1,500 calories & gain weight (me raising my hand) & she had to boost up her calorie intake to over 4,000 calories to gain weight. 

She was making herself virtually sick from doing this.  At one point, while she was stuffing her face with junk, she said, "I hate fat people for making me do this?"

This is the moment she said it...
all the fat people's fault

OH MYGOSH..... seriously...

She was eating what no normal person eats in a day. 

But she got on the weight in the 12 weeks time & then was off to get it off.

when she gained all the weight

She said she wouldn't change her eating to extreme - that she would eat what she wanted & she also wouldn't exercise to extreme, just move a little more - just to prove how EASY it is to loose weight.

I just sit & shake my head...

Katie was a runner who has run many marathons & had virtually no body fat before - so when she went to run for the first time, she talked about how hard it is to work out carrying around all that weight.  But what bothered her more then anything was how embarrassed she was about working out.

She seriously was on a running path & was avoiding seeing people because she didn't want anyone to see her lard A** running.  She had stopped just in time for a "thin" girl to run by & said, "I would have been so embarrassed if she saw me trying to run"

... geez... that's so encouraging for people to get out & run... WHAT?!!??  Isn't that the point she wanted to make?  That people SHOULD get out & work out?  ... why would anyone when she says you should basically be ashamed of working out as a 'fat person'?

In the end, she had about 2 weeks left & she still had like 18 lbs left to loose...

well guess what she does?  EXTREME dieting, virtually minimum calorie & EXTREME exercise.  She was running all the time, going up & down her stairs at home, doing extra work outs.... oh yeah, because the normal person can do all that too.

She once again defeated the point of it all...

& in the end?  She didn't get all the weight off... she had like 12 lbs still to go before she reached the original weight

But get this... she said she liked herself better with a little bit of body fat on her.


I was so frustrated at the end of this.

Granted, anyone can do & say whatever they want.  More power to you.  But when you get out there & say things that you have no idea what you're talking about, then sorry, I'll just call you an idiot.

Even more so when you're hateful & cutting people up.

& on the flip side, it caused such an issue with The Hubs & I ...

I always say we are the story of Jack Sprat... he can gain no weight, I can loose none... its true.  But Ricky totally was standing up for her at times because he said "You don't understand how hard it is for some people to gain weight..." which my response is exactly his, but opposite "you have no idea how hard it is to loose weight"

... to which all shows me... no one really understands weight issues, unless you have weight issues. 

& the funny thing is, it could be either way.  Too skinny.  Too fat.

Food issues are food issues...

I don't know... it just left me wanting to punch this lady in the face.  Especially because she couldn't admit what she set out to prove, she couldn't... & didn't....

Maybe me punching her in the face would burn some calories & make me loose a pound...

Anyone else see this documentary?
Anyone ever heard of this lady?
Anyone else instantly dislike her as much as I do?


  1. OMG, I did not see this but I wish I would have. This lady is an idiot! But I must admit I an Let me know if it comes on again!

  2. I haven't heard of her until now, but oh my goodness she is HORRIFYING. I will gladly form a line right behind you to punch her face. This is all disgusting, but what she said to that child makes me want to cry.

  3. Wow. I haven't seen the show or even heard of her. I just don't understand haters. There's so much in the world to love, and life is so short, why would you invest so much time & effort in negativity?

  4. I've never heard of her and hope she doesn't get any more air time. Sounds like she has one soapbox to stand on and wants to make sure she's in the spotlight for as long as she can be. If I were to meet her, I think I would feel sorry for her for missing out on knowing so many wonderful people. Everyone has problems. Everyone has issues. Everyone has at least one thing they would change about themselves. One would hope that she learns something from this and Lord help her if her metabolism happens to slow down (as it most likely will). But yeah, she sounds like an idiot to me.


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