Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{On the Soapbox} So glad I'm in the 30%

I am very vocal on my hate of medicine...


I hate that it causes more problems.... have you ever really listened to the side effects on commercials?
I hate that its so expensive...
I hate that it becomes addictive to some...
I hate the way it makes me feel...

I HATE IT!!!!!

& then I see this video this morning...

& it just endorses why I hate medicine in the US...

& it makes me so glad that I take no prescriptions... I thank God for that actually...

& it amazes me that only 30% of people don't take anything...

But sit back & listen... & laugh... & try not to be offended.  This is a Comedy Central show after all... but it has some really interesting facts...

Side note... I'm not saying ALL medicine is bad... I totally know its needed by many... BUT I do believe its abused & OVER used in our country for exactly what this is talking about - profit only - not for the health of others.

What are your thoughts on this video?
What are your thoughts on Pharmaceuticals in the US?

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  1. I am one of those people who shy away from taking anything too. I know people who take advil like it's candy and always seem to be having to take something. I just recently started taking IBProfen for my knee pain and that was even a stretch for me to take

  2. I try to avoid taking anything unless I have to. I think too many people accept antibiotics and medicine without trying natural remedies or just toughing it out. (You don't need Tylenol for a minor headache, people!) That said, medicine DOES help sometimes and is necessary, so I'm grateful we have it. Just use with caution.

  3. i definitely don't use medicine unless i really need it.. period pain, headache, sore body part - eh, rest and a bath normally fixes me. same with a cold, or flu - no point taking medicine it won't help it go any faster. but i agree with Amanda, I am thankful we have medicine when we truly need it.. like giving birth or getting a tooth taken out.. or cancer... etc.

  4. The health care system in general is out of control, and not just the money grubbing side of it! My mom just got a new job basically doing tech consulting for a medical center. Even though she's not going to be near patients, she had to get a whole panel of antibody tests through her own doctor. She had to cover the cost herself because she's working through a third party. When she checked with the office for her results, they told her they didn't have the results, then that they did, but she had to access them through this secure system they have where they had to give her some mysterious ID that she'd never received. It's ridiculous. When you can't even get your own test results because of crazy security rules, there's a problem.

  5. You know this is a huge problem in our country, too many people just want drugs to fix even things like the common cold. Dr's don't have the time, so they just write prescriptions and sent patients on their way.
    Although I am a firm believer in getting vaccinated and things like that. I believe anti-biotics have their place, but should not be overused.
    Actually some injuries (on the athletic end) actually can have the healing process slowed by the Naproxin and Ibuphrobin. (I just spelled that wrong, sorry:) They have their time and place, but ya even those common things get over used.
    However, I was in a series of horrible car accidents once, and those pain killers were a lifesaver, but yes they need to be used wisely too:)
    I'm a believer that we are lucky to have medicine's, but we should use them with caution and only when needed! Like for instance the sinus infection I am getting over, my antibiotics I started taking are kicking in and it is a night and day difference, I should have started them 2 weeks ago LOL!
    (Hope your sinus infection is getting better too!!)

  6. As a crunchy granola hippie, I of course am a big fan of acupuncture and essential oils. Can't remember the last time I took a pill for anything.


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