Thursday, February 5, 2015

Good news for the slow people!!!

I will never win a race... unless I'm in the smallest race in the world & I'm the only
person in my age group.  #notgoingtohappen

I have really learned with age & wisdom to be OK with being slow.  It used to bother me. Now?  I honestly don't care.  If I were last to cross a finish line, I think I would still pump my fist as if I won first place.

A few years ago, I wouldn't have said that. 

Heck, a few years ago, I was 2 minutes slower then my previous time & I cried like someone stabbed me in the eye....


& then I saw this article on Popsugar this morning (Read it right HERE )

It's Scientifically Proven:  Slow, Short Jogs are actually better for you!


It shows that people that run long hard miles are about the same as people who NEVER work out... that's crazy to me...

"Researchers followed over 1,000 healthy joggers and almost 4,000 healthy non-joggers for 14 years and found that those who jogged too much or not at all had the highest rates of death during the study time period. In other words, whether they were sitting on their couch or logging an eight-miler, they still had similar risks of death. Plus, those who jogged at a more intense pace (seven miles per hour, or about an 8.5-minute mile) also fared worse. "

That blows my mind...

But the group that had the best health?

Those who ran only 1 - 2.4 hours a week... which is an average of 3 30-minute sessions...

& even better?  The ideal pace was a 12 minute mile...

So let me be the last one crossing the finish line... it may help me get to the finish line of life a lot longer too :)


  1. i'm not gonna lie girl that sounds like a hunk of phooey! i just can't believe that people who run fast and hard are gonna die before people sitting on the couch. however, i'm a nice slow runner so i guess i'm safe? haha!

  2. I saw that! I think it kind of makes sense that it would be better to be less intense…everything in moderation, right?
    Oh and for the record, I've been the only person in my age group before…it could happen! ;)

  3. Of course this is all relative, your slow could be someone else's Fast, and your Fast could be someone's slow. I know I will never be the winner of a race so running like a speed demon won't ever be anything I will be doing anyway. -m

  4. I actually read the full article a few days ago on another site. Although it's a little food for thought, the actual facts they based it on were kinda biased, I wasn't really feeling it. Besides I think if I remember they were saying that the longer distance runners were found to die of cardiac arrest, but the funny thing is most people couch potato or runner all die from something and cardic arrest is what almost 95% of the population dies from, LOL
    Personally, I'll never win a marathon (unless I am the only one running it, or I am racing against walkers LOL..
    But never say never on winning a race! I have placed first in several shorter smaller races in the past, you pick the right race or 5k, you just might get a 1st too oneday:) ya never know:)
    But I would rather do my best, and train hard and run long and die whenever it happens. Then sit on a couch and and die that way:)

  5. YES! This is such good news for me too! Sidenote I actually have won two races b/c I was the only one in my age group in one and 1/3 in another. They were both small races put on by local high schools but the win felt just as great as if it was the Boston marathon. Or I'm assuming it would seein as how I'll never qualify for Boston haha. Cheers to all the slower runners out there!


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