Friday, February 6, 2015

Ups & Downs of the week

Friday... yes Lord!
Time to see how this week has gone
UP // I started off good. Walking on the treadmill... getting those miles in
DOWN// ... my sinus infection drop kicked me in the face... the nose to be exact
DOWN // My brother in law isn't doing very well right now, so lots of worrying & a trip to the hospital to check on him.  He's in liver & kidney failure right now... praying for the best.  He could use all the prayers he can get right now.
UP // Little coffee shops & their teas.  Yummy
DOWN // Starbucks & their tea?  Taste & SMELLS like cleaner fluid. Not even joking
UP // Scandal!!!! ... Dear Lord I love that show
DOWN // The sinus infection has had me up about every hour to cough & to basically know my throat has closed all the way up.  When I get no sleep, I'm grumpy.
Explains why I'm basically grumpy every day
UP // I've been taking advantage of being the only one on my side of the office for an hour ... I'll just pace & walk back & forth till my coworker gets in.  It's 50 steps to & back each wall... I like good round numbers.
UP // Subway Veggie Flatizza ... YUM!!!
DOWN // One day at lunch I just wasn't hungry (thanks sinus drainage) - I ended up going to the gas station to get an iced tea.  They had these HUGE hot pretzels.  I ended up just getting one for lunch.  I know that had to be the worst lunch  #toomanycarbs ...
UP //... I haven't had a hot pretzel in forever.  It was delish.
UP // got my library books back in time.  I feel so accomplished when I do that.
UP // I got a good treadmill workout last night....
DOWN// ... Not breathing on the treadmill is misery.
UP // I've drank more water this week then I usually have been
Thank you sore throat.
How was your week?
Happy Friday!!!


  1. Now I officially want a hot pretzel!!

  2. I love Scandal. Sometimes I wish that I didn't start watching it so that I could marathon the entire thing once the show is over. I hate waiting for next week's episode!

  3. I am so worried about your brother in law. Many prayers for him. Hope you feel better too.

  4. Sending positive thoughts to your brother in law. Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh hot pretzels are soo good! Prayers going out for your brother in law.

  6. I don't know what a Veggie Flatizza is but I think I need one in my life! Yes to Scandal, so good!!!

  7. i am so behind on scandal! eep! im sorry about your brother in law, hope he gets better soon!

  8. Okay, I am officially craving a pretzel right now, LOL
    Sorry about your sinus infection! I am starting to think my cold I had over a week ago may have left me with a little one myself. I keep getting these sinus headaches even though I basically have no actual sinus symptoms or cold anymore. Ughhh If the headaches don't leave soon I guess I'll have to visit the Doc and get the anti-biotics and I am so not looking forward to that!
    Hope you can get over yours soon too! Sounds like your even far worse than I am right now!


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