Thursday, April 2, 2015

How the Month Went: March

March 2015

Can anyone else believe we are into the 4th month of the year?

As someone who does bookkeeping - that means the 2nd quarter...

That's amazing to me.  Maybe because we got our Christmas tree down in February may effect why it feels like the year is going by fast. But it is another month down.

How did the month go?

20.37 Miles Done

17 days of Exercise

7 days over Step Goal.... 1 DOUBLE DAY over 20,000

So, it wasn't the best month... that's OK

I was down & out with an awful sinus infection, that I honestly think I had pneumonia... The cough was awful.  The breathing was hard. The weakness was miserable.  I was sick.

Needless to say, I have a BIG ole gap right there in the middle of the month.

But as I talked about before - I did make it to my 10k race. & did a 5k as well in there.  Granted, times sucked... ROYALLY... but I did it.

That's me with my arms in the air...
I always love seeing there is at least ONE person behind me in a race finish line pic

& then after the races were done, I started my venture into the Les Mill Combat - which I am ADORING!!!

In just a week a few days, I can feel the difference in my legs with my kicks... I can feel it in my back... I can feel my abs being sore every day, which is a great feeling because I wasn't even sure my abs were still there under all that flab.

So it's another month down...

I hope that I don't have any more big gaps in any of my upcoming months.

My goals for April

* Continue on with my Les Mills
* My Virtual 10k .. just enjoy it - even if its a walk of 6.2 miles
* Water. I'm slacking BIG TIME on downing plain ole water.
* Get working on that step goal again.  7 days is just sad. There's no reason why every day isn't over 10,000 steps.  My desk is going to literally kill me.

When I see this, I know its possible... it's just MAKING it happen more often!

How was your March?


  1. I love how you keep track so diligently! And girl, there are TONS of people behind you in that finish line picture!

  2. damn girl you did awesome in some areas, who cares if it wasn't the best in every area. i love that you're loving les mills, my favourite was body pump, i miss that class!

  3. I cannot believe it's April. How did that happen??
    17 days of exercise is awesome!! My March was pretty good. I didn't reach my goal of 100 miles, but I'm sure I'll make it this month! I feel the same way about seeing my race pics and there's someone behind me. Makes me feel a tiny bit less slow. :)


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