Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sugar is evil....


The day where candy is abounding.

We went to the store to get some candy for baskets for my nieces & for my nephew.

I got a few bags.  With twin girls, you learn to double up on everything so that meant a lot of bags of candy.

Ricky ended up getting a few bags of candy for our nephews basket.

We got home.  I make up the baskets.... & then find that we bought WAY too much candy.

See that bowl... & those bags..
yep... all extra stuff

Oh no.

Extra candy around the house.  This isn't good.

So before I know it, I'm walking by the kitchen & grabbing something every time I walk through.

What is this sort of magic that FORCES my hand to go to this bowl every time? 
It's like there's no control.

It's just one day - right?  Easter is for celebrating.

The Risen Jesus would say to go for it on Easter - right?

Let's just say I would probably be happy if I never saw a Reese's egg again.

.... & then Monday came....

& I felt awful all day long.

Couldn't for the world think why I just felt like a slug, slugging away the sluggish day.

Me all day Monday at work

& then it hit me.


I swear. I could feel how bad all the sugar made me feel.

Now, I'm no fantastic clean eating person who eats everything non-processed & all veggie & fruits out of the wazzooo. I do good to get 2 servings in a day....

but let me tell you. I was just reminded what sugar does to a body... & I didn't like it one bit.

Talk about a wake up call to eat better.

Get the sugar away from me!!!

... after one more Cadbury egg....

(Kidding... kinda...)


  1. Come to think of it, I did not have any candy on Easter! I got ripped off!!!! Actually I had one little itty bitty Cadbury egg that was on top of a piece of cake I had. Yes, I had cake so I guess that was my "sweets" for the weekend!

  2. Ugh yes, it's like my body knows sugar makes it feel gross but that darn magic forces, FORCES me to eat it anyway lol....Thankfully, with no little people running around in my life (geographically anyway) I can get away with avoiding the candy aisle. Well ok fine, I bought a bag of the mini cadbury eggs all for myself....le sigh lol

  3. This was probably my first Easter ever that I did not have any candy. I know, what is wrong with me. I was just on my own this year, and since no "Easter Bunny" came to visit they saved me the Sugar high, LOL
    But I agree, Sugar can be a very sweet kind of evil:)

  4. Sugar, how I love you and hate you. I eat way too much of it. Clearly I am addicted and need an intervention.

  5. I didn't have any candy! boo. KC normally gets a bunch from his students and then gives it to me, but school was cancelled. RUDE.

  6. ..... (sigh) .... is it wrong that I was reading this while eating some Cadbury mini-eggs (50% off at Kroger)? I may need to try a sugar-fast but that ain't gonna happen. The way I see it, since most everything is OK in moderation, the sugar-gorge of Easter balances out the rest of the year for me (slightly) and I'll just keep up with my half-training to cancel it out.

    1. It totally IS about moderation - that's why I was OK with eating all the candy on Easter... but man, I hated the way it made me feel. Also didn't help that "moderation" wasn't a factor on Easter. More like GOURGE!


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