Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What is it about reading other's experiences?

Boston Marathon.

Yep... all people who love to run & love running was excited about Marathon Monday.

I would have been more excited if my stupid computer was working.  Our new work location has the shottiest internet speed so I couldn't get the live stream.  I could pause it for about 15 minutes to only see about 45 seconds of footage.


But thank goodness for Twitter that was constant on updates.

I still felt the excitement.

& today, I'm already loving reading on recaps of runners & their experience running the race.  The things they saw.  The pictures they took. The way they felt.

I saw none of the things with my own eyes.
I didn't cross a finish line.

But I still get so choked up reading everyone's recaps of it.

I usually get choked up on most recaps - especially if it's a first time marathoner / half marathoner / runner doing ANY race....

But these Boston recaps just do me in.

On the news, the video of the young lady who ran with one leg when she lost the other in the bombing... the way she collapsed at the finish line.  Yep - I sat watching it over my dinner & instantly burst into tears.

Something about the power of running... the connection with runners.

It's something pretty amazing.

I'm off to find more recaps.


  1. i love to read recaps - whether it's running or travelling or anything, i love to read about other people's experiences!

  2. I'm right there with ya! I think running is such an emotional sport because it's so much about personal achievement. I have some friends who ran Boston and can't wait to hear about their stories ( some have blogs and some don't).

  3. Recaps sre my favorite. To get insight on what the runner was feeling, the struggles, the elation. Love them.

  4. I love reading re caps, especially the passionate ones. It just drives me to want to do more and better things, even outside the sport!

  5. I was an emotional wreck on Monday! I have been reading so many recaps too and the stories are just beautiful. Running is just such a passionate, amazing sport and I'm so glad I get to share it with so many awesome people. :)

  6. All this is so true--I love reading others' experiences!


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