Friday, April 17, 2015

The "Perfect" Body

How many of us do this?

Stand in front of a mirror & see things we would like to change about ourselves.

Take a selfie, only to think we look fat, so we take another... & another... & another... until we get it just right.

Work out at the gym & focus on that one area that just drives us a little insane... & then realize that there's a LOT of areas & they just aren't changing fast enough for you.

I just recently got Cassey Ho's newest book & have always loved her videos...

but when I saw this video today she posted... I got teary eyed.

It's hard enough to look at yourself sometimes & be happy with the body you have... but to have someone else say things about you?  I can't even imagine.

I think we would all like to take that 'magic pen' & push it in & plump out areas ...

but isn't it something to just see the healthy person in the mirror in the first place?

Today, let's all look in the mirror & point out at least one, if not a few things that we can say, "That's not bad"... "I like that".... "Not too shabby"

By the way, I have awesome thin wrists! :)


  1. I can't believe how mean people are to Cassey. It's heartbreaking. I have been working on being nicer to myself for several years now and I still have a long way to go. Thanks for sharing girl xx

  2. So true , it is hard to accept your body!I am looking in the mirror all the time and say ''I wish I had this and that....''.Let's look in the mirror and say''You are perfect girl because you are YOU!!!''

  3. There has always been things about me that I didn't like but while at the beach this weekend I really got a "new" glimpse and thought "man I am getting old". I looked back through some pictures we took and realized that there are areas that I need to work on ( that I never even gave a thought to before).

  4. It's so easy for people to sit behind their computer screens or phone screens and judge and bully, its sad that others have to tear down people. and why? does it make them feel better about their own flaws? I say we find the beauty in the imperfections. We don't want to all be the same do we? I do find myself more confident as I age, but what I wouldn't do for some boobs some days!

  5. It's far to easy to judge, I always say those that do have too much time on their hands because if they didn't lead such dull lives they wouldn't have time to complain about everything else!
    Great post! I will admit I am just as much to fault about looking in the mirror at everything I need to and want to change, but your right my time would be better spent looking in the mirror and saying a few things I like about myself!

  6. Love, a billion times love!! I know I do this too often, especially as a trainer myself. I'm constantly worried I'll be judged b/c I don't body build, or an employer won't find me "fit" enough. When in fact, I've got tons of beautiful parts! People can be so mean. P.S. I've always loved my dainty wrsts as well haha


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