Friday, April 24, 2015

I think everyone in Kentucky is wishing for good weather tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big race around here.

The Kentucky Derby Marathon/miniMarathon.

This is the race that I registered for... only to see 10 minutes later that I had a wedding already booked.


Luckily, they gave me a refund & I was angry for missing this race.

This would have been my 6th medal for this race. 

I hate skipping dates in medals.

So I've been sad about missing this race....

That is, until I saw the forecast for the race.

Windy, cold, rain.

Oh snap...

all of a sudden, I'm not too sad I'm going to be missing the race.

But, I'll have to deal with the weather myself with a bride & groom wanting beautiful pictures on a day that isn't going to be beautiful.

& by 4pm, there's a chance of 60mph winds & tornados.

Probably me tomorrow
with a camera in my hand instead of Toto

I think I'd rather run in rain....

Anyways - good luck to all my Kentucky buddies running the race.

Remember your hat.
No cotton.

& just enjoy that finish line.

Heck - all of those suggestions would work for me & my wedding too...

Here's to all of us tomorrow!


  1. Have fun at the wedding. Windy cold weather and a race = not a fun combo

  2. Hmm, i'm thinking you shouldn't wear a hat tomorrow, it might blow But go ahead and wear cotton, that would be comfy!

    I do remember when you signed up for this race and then found out you couldn't do it. I felt so bad for you. Actually you have got me more interested in this race and I may put it on my list of one's to do some day. Perhaps we would run it together sometime. Have a good weekend with your bride and groom. I'm sure you will find a way to get beautiful pictures regardless of the nasty weather!

  3. I want to run this marathon one day! I remember when you told us about the registration then the wedding error. Well hopefully, your wedding turns out great. Your a good photographer so I have no doubt! Plus isn't it a rule of thumb that clouds make for better people pictures anyway? I can't remember where I heard that from, in fact it may have been you:)

  4. This race looks very interesting. I think I may need to put it on my list. I opted not to run a half tomorrow that I've run the past two years. I'm a little bummed I won't get this year's medal. But, I will run a local 5k instead. Hopefully the wedding will be before the bad weather!

    1. You should totally put it on your list!!!

  5. I'm heading out to the start line in a few minutes!! It'll be my 2nd half, first one on this course, first one in the rain and first one while also fighting a cold!! Woot woot!! Good luck with your photos - hopefully the afternoon forecast was over-hyped. The bride and groom will remember this day no matter what the weather. ;)

    1. Hope you had a great race - despite all of the conditions!!!

    2. Had an official PR! I think the rain encouraged me to keep moving and get it over with at the end when it really started coming down. I was tired of dodging puddles. :) Woke up the next morning and decided I'll sign up for it again next year, now that I know what to expect on the route. Great spectator-participation! Hope the wedding went well and the rain held off for you.

  6. Date conflicts are a bummer. At least they refunded your money. I'd like to do this one someday.

  7. Ahhh I totally forgot about this! One of my really good friends ran. I hope you had fun, tornado-free time at the wedding although I bet that would have made for some great pics. :) Running in those conditions would definitely be not so fun.


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