Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Boston... will it ever feel the same?

I can't believe its been 2 years since the Boston bombing...

but there it is.  Right there in my time line.

Media preview

I took a picture of the screen of my computer where I had watched the race & the cameras had continued for about a half hour of other finishers. 

I had noted I wished it could stay on all day because I could watch every finisher all day long...

little did I know what would actually happen a few hours later after these online cameras went off.

& here we are again.

I'm seeing posts from running bloggers who are ready to make it to that start line.
Prepared to do Heartbreak Hill.
Anxious to cross the finish line.

It's another year of Boston.  A race where dreams come true just by running it.

& yet, it still feels scary to me.

I still will hold my breath until the end of the day & everyone is across safe.

I'm one of those people who doesn't shake things off as easily as T-Swift.

I applaud the people that run it with no fear.
The ones that say, I will not be stopped.

& I do love that while the 1 yr. anniversary - besides Meb winning (Go USA)  - you saw a strong community of runners joining together.

& this year?  A little bit of closure.

The fool that tried to pull this off just got convicted on all counts.


& we're waiting to see the conviction.

I will say, I think it would be wonderful if it came down while Boston was being ran.

Talk about Irony & Karma all mixed up together.

... & I'll be sitting here at my desk on Monday, once again cheering on some of the best athletes in the world!!!

Do you still feel nervous about Boston?
Will it always be one of those "where were you?" moments?
Are you or someone you know running?

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  1. I definitely think there will always be "where you were" moments in life and I think it's good to remember

  2. Great post. I do feel a little nervous. I've never run Boston, but I remember thinking that day that it could easily have been MY FAMILY on the sidelines. I'll be cheering on Monday!

  3. it's just terrifying, and as horrible as it is, we've all done things and gone places that it could have easily happened to, you know? you just can't live your life in fear.

  4. Ever since that day I have felt a bit nervous for every race. Boston...New York..Chicago...even Baltimore. I had just started to run when it happened and the fact that it DID happen was part of the reason I continued.

    I'm excited for Monday (and a little nervous), but mostly so elated to see so many of my friends run! I'll be following along from my desk as well. :)

  5. I've never run a race as big as this, and I can say I've felt safe at each one I have run, but that doesn't change the magnitude of today. I can't wait to virtually cheer all the racers on on Monday and see just how Boston Strong this community is!

  6. I still remember hearing the news when I woke up (living on the other side of the world throws me off a little bit) and then being glued to the news to find out more information. My heart still breaks for all those who have been affected by this tragedy, but as you said, there is finally some closure coming. The running community is so strong and I hope they will all be covered with a sense of security as they take on the run this year!

    Popping over from The Secret Bloggers Club & so glad to find you! Xo

  7. I was so glad that there was a verdict before the race. I hope that it brought closure to the families and friends of those who were injured and who tragically died. I know 2 people running it. One lives in Boston and wasn't able to train properly because of all the snow Boston had (she tried & couldn't do treadmills). She is hoping to just finish even though she's done many marathons, but she's fine with that.

  8. I will always remember this day because my sister Lacey was running. I will never forget the conversation with her after she crossed that finish line when the bombs went off. I cried. I knew she was okay because I was talking to her, but I still cried!

  9. I remember Boston because I had just gotten to Kansas and was inprocessing at my unit when I got a text from david telling me "you will never run a big marathon...ever". I had no idea what he was talking about and called him. He told me and I just had to sit down. After his panic passed I remember talking about the horror on the screen and running... why people run and how this dummy obviously didn't know marathon runners or he would know that challenges and obstacles only makes them stronger.

  10. It will always be a "where were you" moment for me because that was the first year (as a new runner) that I knew or cared enough to what the Boston Marathon was, let alone to watch it. I had run a half the day prior so I took off on Marathon Monday to rest after my race and I was SO EXCITED to get up early and be able to watch the coverage all day (I was a teacher so I wouldn't have been able to watch at work at all). I had been to Boston for the first time the summer before and felt in love with the city HARD, so that was an extra special connection for me. I watched all morning before turning it off around midday and heading out to run errands. I was actually on a ferry when I got a text that something had happened, and I remember trying to google and text people for more information, but my reception was spotty on the ferry so I just tried to piece together the little info I did have.
    I won't be able to watch uninterrupted tomorrow, but I will sneak it in any chance I get!

  11. Honestly, this is something I don't like talking about. I'm a tour guide at my college (in Boston) and I get asked very insensitive questions all the time about it. However, it is something I think about a lot, and feel a connection with anyone affected by it, whether they were in Boston or not.

    Thank you for linking up with the Secret Blogger Club!


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