Friday, January 30, 2015

Ups & Downs

I used to do Ups & Downs for the weekend...
but I'm getting ALL crazy up in here & going to look at my past week

UP // I got in a workout so far every night of the week.  That hasn't happened since... well, last year.

UP // The hubs went to bed early a few nights with a cold so I didn't have to worry about making big dinners so I had soup a few nights during the week. I forgot how filling soup can be.

DOWN //... I also forgot how many crackers I use in soup.  #carbfest

UP // I did yoga this week

DOWN// I did yoga this week

DOWN // Mother Nature has punched me in the gut with cramps this week. I was up last night sicker then a dog with them. The older I get, the more severe they are getting to me. I guess they are giving me some good last hurrah's before they leave me forever #menopausearoundthecorner

UP // I'm excited to hopefully connect my beautiful friend Katie from From Ice Cream to marathon with my step daughter that lives in Nashville so she can have a running buddy.  They can talk all things running & UK.

UP // Finally broke in my new shoes I got in October....

DOWN //... only to get a blister on the back of my foot.  This isn't unusual for me by the way.  I always have issues.  That shouldn't surprise ANYONE.

DOWN // Graham crackers.  I need to throw them away. I want to eat them for a late night TV munchies.  I bought them when the grand-dudes came up this past weekend.  They ate zero.  Nanny - a whole sleeve of them.

UP // I think my heart rate rose the entire hour of Scandal.  I'll totally count that as a cardio workout!

How was your week?
Got any weekend plans?


  1. I love your Ups and Downs posts! Please don't stop them. I haven't ever watched Scandal, perhaps I should start. My husband likes to eat soup often which sometime upsets me because I like to cook meals. But I guess I should be thankful cus a can of soup is easy peasy. He puts WAY too many crackers in his soup too! -M

  2. Oh, don't even get me started on what Aunt Flo has been doing since "over 40" became reality! Not nice!

  3. I can't wait to meet your step daughter and run with her! Thank you SO much for connecting us!
    Sorry you got a blister- at least your shoes are adorable!
    That is so true about cramps. I won't have anything nice to say to Eve in heaven, this is all her fault!


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