Friday, January 9, 2015

First full week of the new year... & my side still hurts...

Anyone already hate 2015?

No... no one does... right?

So Monday started me off with a bad day of starting to work out again.  Y'all are so encouraging, by the way.

But I did get back up on that old horse ... I mean, treadmill, & I walked again on Tuesday.  I did longer 2.21 miles ... & didn't hurt as bad.  That's good...

& then I had plans on resting on Wednesday & walking again on Thursday.

Only we had a church meeting on Thursday & didn't get home until almost 8 & then I was like, I'm going to be lucky to clean up for bed, much less work out.

How I came in the house heading to bed
... & it was basically this cold too...

No defeat.

I'm going to try & walk tonight.

I so desperately want to do something else.  Yoga, P90X3, my Just Dance 2014 Xbox game (because I'm cool like that)... but I'm scared to death to do anything other then walk.

Why?  Because my freaking stupid rib still hurts.

Yep - I finally got an x-ray, but as long as it took me to get the x-ray, the same frustration is happening getting the results.

I got the x-ray on Monday... It's Friday.  The doctor's office just told me, "We don't have the results yet"... when the x-ray place said it should be no longer then 48 hours.  What is the DEAL?... plus, the nurse told me that the doctor isn't in anyways so they couldn't tell me anything anyways if they got them.

Doctor's suck.

US healthcare sucks.

I am in pain.

I will say, it IS better.  But I still feel it. 

When I went to sweep & mop my floor, I could feel that ache... so I'm scared to work out.

If it is an intercostal muscle sprain, I know those can take up to 6 weeks to heal... which my pain has been 6 weeks... but 6 weeks is supposed to be for people that pamper the area.  I have been putting up Christmas decoration, shopping, wrapping, on the go, since the side started hurting... & they say it is so slow to heal... so if it's that, I think any sort of working out where I pull my ribcage, I'm back to the beginning again.

if it is broke?  ... I don't know... I just can't believe after all this time, I don't know what's going on...

what I want to say to the nurse every time they tell me NOTHING

I don't do well with this...

Anyways, this wasn't a post to start freaking out about my side again... it just turned into that...

Needless to say, I'm trying not to let that stop me from MOVING...

I will say, I have been good at logging in my food all week at My Fitness Pal - so if anything, I think I made progress this first week of the year...

I'll take that...


  1. At this point I'm not the biggest fan of 2015, I have to admit. There are some stresses going on and I'm not sure where they're going to lead to, so it's hard to keep a positive outlook right now. I hope you get some answers soon. More importantly, some relief!

  2. I'm not a fan of doctors right now either. I hope you get an answer soon and that it's one that says your pain can be fixed.

  3. So frustrating and yea it doesn't take a week tor and an xray it takes like 30 seconds.....lame, feel better friend.

  4. oh hon :( i'm sorry! hope it all gets worked out asap!

  5. I hope you do hear back soon what is wrong! Ribs are a odd thing. I know a guy who ran several marathons with some broken ribs, the doc just told him if he could take the pain then.... But I also know they take several months to heal! Hopefully, they are just bruised or something... Did you take a big fall or something?
    I'm actually pretty impressed you are still moving even being in a lot of pain! My fingers will be crossed for you, that it is something that will heal quickly, and that those Dr's get back to you soon!!!!


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