Friday, January 2, 2015

My 2015 Goals

A new start, a new beginning.

Well, sadly, with a new start, the old aches & pains just don't disappear.

I was wanting to wake up on January 1st with everything feeling great... but got out of bed & still felt my side pain... my low back aching... my knee throbbing...

I felt the body of a 43 yr old.  Boo.

But that doesn't stop me from making goals.

They may look different from everyone elses & they may seem simple to others, but it works for me...

So my goals for the year

ONE // MOVE!!!!

Just move. I want to say I'll run or do some amazing marathon, but who knows.  I don't want to set that goal too high where I'll be disappointed. If I do, high five for me... if I don't, that's OK.  I just want to move.  I've been laid up with this side pain (that won't freaking go away) & I miss working out.  I'm going to start again this weekend... & it will probably cause more side pain, but I'm hating letting my body turn into sludge.  Exactly what it feels like not moving.

So it may look like my P90X3 ... or my Dance Central on Xbox... & I do plan on getting some miles in.  Which, side note - I registered for a 5k & 10K in a few months.  Even if I have to walk them, I'm totally fine with that. I just want to MOVE.

TWO // SLEEP!!!!

I really need to get on this. My alarm goes off at 5:20am every day & I have to be out of my house by 6:20am... that's early.  I am at my desk about 2 hours before I even see the light of day.  I need sleep.  I keep reading about how good sleep is for you & your health in general.  I need to really jump on top of this.  Remember that I have a DVR & life won't end if I don't see my 10:00 show.  I may panic about it, but its not the end of the world.


I am really shocked on some days I realize I haven't had not one fruit or vegetable.  Not ONE!  That's amazing to me.  I wonder how many people make it through an entire day, if not week, of no good healthy food.  Being a vegetarian, & not eating any fruit or vegetable, then what the heck am I eating?  I am trying to be more aware of how much I get in a day.  That, for me, really means I need to make more smoothies.  I used to really be a smoothie/juicing queen.  Lots of greens.  Lots of stuff tucked into a gross looking cup.  I need to do that again.


however you have to get it in

I don't drink soft drinks. I used to be the queen of Diet Coke (I am so ashamed of that now) & usually drank water.  But I've turned to tea - which isn't the worst thing, but I need water.  Pure, simple H2O... not HBO... H20... again, the things it can do for your body. I've been trying to drink a cup as soon as I wake up with either lemon or apple cider vinegar.  Get the organs starting the day right... before I douse it with iced coffee.


What? ... Remember you weren't supposed to feed them after midnight?  Well, I'm going to hold that same sort of theory.  I want nothing going into my mouth (except water) after 8:00pm.  Most people probably think, that's not hard... but I'm a night time snacker.  Even after dinner, I'm ready for desserts & anything I can grab & nom nom on. 

I also have a few more goals:

* Keep the step count up on my FitBit
* Go to the doctor about my knee (I know.. I know... finally!)
* Do more yoga - even if I don't like it. I need to stay flexible

This one is really big for me.... mediate.

I know that sounds weird.  But I really do want to learn the art of mediation a little bit. For me, that will be like a spiritual time. I am a Jesus loving gal.  I really do need the moments to take & clear my mind, find some peace.  I am a girl who is full of anxiety & who handles it horribly. I need to find a way to try & get it in check.  A awesome fitness buddy of mine had a stress induced heart attack this past year & if HE can have one, it really freaks me out & makes me want to get my own anxiety & stress in check.  I really am going to start researching more on this & what I need to do... even if it's 5 minutes a day...

I want to be zen...

basically like Gwyneth Paltrow

So what are some goals you have this 2015?


  1. good luck with your goals girly.
    now i'm off to have a nightmare about gremlins, i am terrified of them!

  2. have a LOT of goals. Meditation is awesome for you. Look into an app to help you. I don't use one but Tyler does to remind him to do it and I think it gives him pointers. I try to do it at least a few times a week but need it more often. We are so different. I'd sacrifice just about anything to sleep and usually do! Probably why I have a ridiculously full DVR at any given moment. Happy New Year!

  3. I'm sorry but I actually laughed at the food part…only because there are a lot of days I'm like wow I don't think I ate anything that was real food…and then I kept going and saw that you're also vegetarian…so yeah, I totally get that thing where you have to ask yourself, "What exactly have I been eating if not fruits and vegetables…?!"

  4. So sorry you are still achy! I hope for better health and wellness for all of us for 2015! No injuries!

  5. Awesome and attainable goals! I'm stuck in the coffee habit (hot or iced, however I can get it) and read an article that perhaps the caffeine-need first thing in the morning is really just our bodies being dehydrated from not having any water to drink during the night. I'm trying to drink a big glass of water with honey and ACV and then my coffee after that. I've discovered I don't need to drink as much coffee as I had in the past -- one cup is plenty (and probably still unnecessary). Good luck to you in 2015 and may your goals become habits! :)

  6. I love your goals and your pictures ^_^ I haven't heard of putting acv in water! and having a fit friend suffer a stress induced heart attack would scare me gwyneth paltrow is kinda creepy lol

  7. Great goals! I haven't even put any down yet, I think more water would do me good too! I also drink a lot of tea. A nice hot cup of tea just feels so nice this time of year.

  8. Keep excellent goal. I hope your aches & pains improve so that you can do whatever you choose in 2015. I haven't been so good about it lately, but I once used the no eating after dinner rule. It worked for me. I love the meditating dog pic!

  9. LOVING your goals! I really need to stop snacking past 8pm as well. ESPECIALLY since we really try to be in bed by 9 (we have super early mornings as well.... and I can't even blame it on our daughter!) But seriously girl, if you can DVR, you're going to LOVE going to bed earlier and getting more sleep! It's hard to get in the habit, but I promise it's so worth it!

  10. Great goals! I love the one quote "be more awesome" haha that will have to be on my list now too. Other than that I'm all for appreciating the small things because I don't take enough time to be grateful xx

  11. You've got some great goals girl! You'll achieve them!!!
    Your water goal is one I really should take note on and work on. I am attempting to quit drinking Pepsi again, awe yes that sweat nector of the God's that likely attributes to at least 10 extra pounds I am carrying:) It's harder than one would think, but do able!


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