Monday, December 29, 2014

The best of both worlds?

We made it...
Well, I sort of made it. It's not over for me. We have our Christmas with our grand-dudes still to come... but the biggest part of it is over. (Except taking down all the decoration... ugh)
& we're heading into a new year...
Oh yeah, & I get older... my birthday is the 30th... tomorrow (depending on when you read this)
Lots happening.
As every one does at the end of the year, we reflect the year past & thing of how to make the next year even better.
I've been doing that with this blog as well.
if you didn't know, I am the owner of 2 blogs.  Call me Ms. Blog if you're nasty #janetjacksonreference
I started this blog with the intention of keeping my running, fitness, health stuff separate from my 'main' life blog.  I know they both intertwine, but I can normally talk about this stuff all day long & didn't want to mash up both worlds too much. 
I've met some amazing running friends through this blog & love having the different areas to talk about different things.
Saying that, I have been feeling the pressure of keeping up 2 blogs. 
Now, I'm not quitting this one.
But it may look different in 2015.
It may be more of a diary style thing to document my road & journey on getting back in shape, trying the running thing again, seeing how my back & knee holds up.  It may not be the wittiest blog (like it ever was) or the most entertainment blog (ditto again)... but I would love to still get encouragement & thoughts on my journal with fitness & how I'm still PRESSING ON!!!
But I also wanted to throw out there that I do blog usually every day on my 'home blog' about my life in general & fun things & get involved in link ups... so stop by there as well.  Get to know the real me in both worlds :)
I actually just purchased a domain name after blogging or 8 years on the other blog, so that will actually change to the name of the blog, "Knit by God's Hand"... but until then, it's the same at:
You all think I'm joking when I say I'm Belle ... when I started blogging, that's the only thing I knew .. my name & my alias name :)
Hope I haven't confused a lot of you having 2 blogs.
I love when I get someone who visits here realize I have two & they are like, HOLD UP... but I hope you at least enjoy one or the other... or both of them...
I'll be back here with my 2015 fitness goals...
& my wishes for my life as I turn 43... what-WHAT?


  1. I'm so dreading taking down all of the decorations!! Happy Birthday tomorrow!! And you know I'm still going to be here to cheer you on! Woo Go Girl!! Keep pressing on!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  2. Happy Birthday! I'll be 43 in March. I'm still not sure where my twenties went. I can account for my thirties, but I'm pretty sure I misplaced a decade there.

  3. happy birthday gorgeous :) i will follow both of your blogs :) and belle for life!

  4. Happy happy slightly belated birthday!! I hope it was wonderful and that you guys had the happiest New Year as well! (Although I also just noticed your tweet and Hershey pie definitely sounds like my kind of happy New Year.)

  5. Happy Birthday (again ha)! You have a reader in me so write what you shall!


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