Monday, December 8, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we see how the weekend went

UP/DOWN // I was supposed to be a part of our children's ministry Christmas program but with my side acting funny, they got a replacement for me. I missed being a part of it, but glad I didn't have to aggravate my side more by dancing & singing... I see what it must be like to be Brittany Spears.

UP // Wrapping presents while watching Christmas movies.

UP// Toy Story 3

DOWN // Toy Story 3 ... it makes me want to find all my old toys & hug them

DOWN // Mean, grumpy people that are Christmas shopping.  It makes everyone around you mean & grumpy.  Elf was onto something when he said about spreading Christmas cheer.  I'm going to start singing right next to these grumpy people.

DOWN // its inevitable that the hubs & I get in an argument about what gifts to buy people.  We really have a total opposite opinion on some people.  (For the record, I'm always right... if he had a blog, I'm sure that would be another opposite opinion)

DOWN // Tape aching fingers.  That really is a thing. Ever pull off so much tape that your fingers feels like the tape has pulled off all the nerve endings?

UP // The rain FINALLY stopped on Saturday.

DOWN // My kitchen floor after a week of rain.  Having dogs that aren't phased by rain & mud puddles, my floor has become a yellow stain right now.  I smear mud around all day long.  Thank the Lord for Swiffer Wet Jet & the hundreds of refills I go through a week.

UP // Tried Chick-fil-a new Iced Coffee. It wasn't bad.

DOWN // We took Zoe to get groomed... & they couldn't do it. She's having some issues lately with her achy bones.  I'm scared to death we're going to take her to the vet & she has bone cancer like Sydney. I'm always cancer-paranoid... even with my dogs.... especially with my dogs.

UP // I love sitting in my living room when its decorated for Christmas. Any other time, we never stay in there.  #cozy

DOWN // my side still was hurting while out shopping....

UP // ... but I made it through. I'm trying not to 'freak out' about the pain. Remembering the blood tests all came back OK so it's nothing serious - right? 


UP // Yarn.  Bought some more for Christmas presents I remembered I needed. Yarn just makes me happy.

DOWN // the un-organization of my house right now... my kitchen counter has become gift wrap central. I don't cook often during the holidays anyways so I think its time to pull out the TV trays. #redneck

If you are this organized... I probably hate you

So how was your weekend?


  1. oh my goodness just seeing that picture makes me want to cry. I love my toys lol

  2. I am the same way, at Christmas it's so much more fun to just sit and relax in the living room and just enjoy the beauty:)
    Have to tell ya something funny, so at home if you looked at my wrapping, crafting supplies you would think I just threw them all in a box, LOL (because I did.) But if you look at the wedding business supply rack, it is quite organized, not exactly like you have above, but I do have ribbon bars and drawers for everything.
    You'd think it would be opposite and I would have the home stuff organized better, but nope:) and just the thought tires me, LOL guess it will stay in the boxes!

  3. I have not wrapped one single present yet. I feel like I have to have them ALL bought before I start wrapping or I will forget what I already bought! I wish I could be organized but I am not. I have one of those wrapping paper/bow/tag organizer bags but when its time to wrap it gets spread out on the floor and its a mess for several days ( or till the end of the -M

  4. I haven't even bought wrapping paper yet. At this rate, I'm ready to just put things in gift bags.

  5. Your tree looks so pretty!! People are so mean! I don't understand how they can be so grouchy Christmas shopping! It is supposed to be a happy time!! I got a Shark steam mop a couple years ago- LOVE it!!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  6. My hubby and I always fight about what to get people...he has the worst ideas, haha!

  7. Little known fact: it's impossible to wrap presents without Christmas movies playing in the background :)


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