Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Probably the only time you'll hear me defend Heidi Klum

I was watching my nightly TV while making supper & cleaning up the kitchen.

ABC Nightly News - which by the way, I love the new guy. I hated to see Diane Sawyer go (Represent Louisville native!) but I think that David Muir is just fitting in perfectly...

Anyways, right after the news comes the IMPORTANT news... Entertainment Tonight & some other entertainment news program. I get them all mixed up. Access Hollywood?  Maybe? I don't know...

But there was a thing about Heidi Klum.

Let me start off by saying first, I'm not a huge Heidi Klum fan.  She always irked me on Project Runway with her confusing likes/dislikes... meaning she'd hate something one day but love something more hideous the next... & she has since moved on to bother me on America's Got Talent...

Girlfriend has no sense of humor. Seriously, she hates every comedian on there.  I am a girl that loves comedy so I don't understand people that don't like funny.

I can take her or leave her. 

I'm trying to say I'm not an uber fan who will support her even if she worse a coat of puppies. 

But they showed her in a bikini & then posted all sorts of mean comments people were making about it.

Here it is... the pic...

People are hacking on THAT?

I mean, yeah, its not the most flattering bikini.  & I think its a lot of the angle with her arms up.  Just a bad picture... but she looks amazing for a woman in her 40's who has had 4 kids...

The comments were so freaking harsh with the ideal being she's too old to wear a bikini & needs to start investing in a one piece.

I sat at my kitchen counter & got so angry.

Angry that we live in a world where someone who is obviously comfortable in her skin is made to sound like she's disgusting to look at.

Angry that people are so free to pass judgment on someone.. . when I would love to see all of those same people in a bikini that she is wearing.

Angry that people don't have better things to worry about.

Again, I'm not a great fan of her.  But I just looked at Ricky & said, "Why can't people just let her be happy"

That's an idea...

an idea I think people forget about...

She has to know she's not in the same shape she was in when she did all the Victoria Secret runway shows... kids & age will do that to a body... but she doesn't need Bob from Minnesota to tell her she needs a one piece now.

What a sad day when wondering if someone is too old for a bikini is top news...

& let's not forget that this woman - in a bikini - kinda saved someone's life from drowning not too long ago...

People... I get it... you can have an opinion... but if you're going to be harsh about it to someone, let's think about just stopping for a minute & thinking how you'd feel getting that same critique.

... & this is reason #289 why I won't wear a bikini....

you're welcome for that by the way


  1. Ugh, so lame. I agree with your comment, why can't we let other people be happy? Must ppl project their unhappiness and sensitivities onto others?...le sigh

  2. ugh people are so stupid and disgusting. i dont really care about her one way or the other, but i dont understand why people have to talk crap about every single thing or person.. like wtf is wrong with your life that you have to rag on a stranger?

  3. Have you ever watched Celebrities Read Mean Tweets? It's funny but also sad. People love to hide behind electronics and say the most vile, hateful things they can think of to other people. Famous or not, nobody deserves to be told to cover up or "go kill yourself" (yes, people tweet this A LOT to celebrities) or anything.

  4. I saw this same news last night and thought the same thing. Give me a break people!

  5. Really people of the world? Just let her wear her bikini and be happy. I cant stand miserable people who attack other people.

  6. I don't get it. She looks great? I mean, maybe her body changed, but how is she offending the world? I hope I look like her at her age (which is not very old from my view).

  7. I wish everyone would just mind their own business!

  8. I am so sick of social media right now. Between the finger pointing and calling each other racists to nonsense like criticizing random people, it's ridiculous. None of those people posting that kind of thing on the internet would walk up to her and say it to her face. Just ignore them. That's what I'm trying to do.


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