Thursday, December 18, 2014

I miss Biggest Loser...

I have to admit something - I really miss The Biggest Loser.

Oh yeah, I know its on TV... on Thursdays.

Who made the call to move it to Thursday?

That's the night that The Vampire Diaries is on... my little show that makes me feel like a tween girl squeeling at Damon Salvatore... (swoon)...

& the night that Shonda Rimes takes over TV...

... more swoon...

I miss the inspiration.

I miss the motivation.

I don't miss the product placement.

But it has to be getting near the end - right?

I need to keep an eye out because even though I don't know the back stories or the journey, I do want to watch the finale & see the drastic changes.

... hopefully not as drastic as last seasons finale....

I need to watch it just in time to take my 2015 "before" picture... when I kick it in gear...

because 2015 is going to be an awesome year.

Right?  Right!

... I want to watch it as well just to see everything that I've missed with that hot new trainer... because obviously, I am choosing shows that makes me swoon a lot lately

Oh mercy... I may have been watching the wrong shows!!!

Hopefully next season it will be on a different night  And I wish they would take my advice & just make it a one hour show. I still don't understand the 2 hour thing.  We don't need a commercial between every weigh in.

Anyone been watching this season?
Do you prefer Extreme Weight Loss with Chris & Heidi Powell?


  1. I used to watch Biggest Loser back in the day. I miss Bob and Jillian. I know Bob is still there but not on the Ranch. I liked the seasons when Kim Lyons was on as well. She was on the Red Team for a few. I actually met her! The Biggest Loser just doesn't seem like the same show it was from when it started. -L

  2. i've never really watched biggest loser but hopefully it comes back or some times switch around for you so you don't have to choose! now tell me where that last guy is from lol.

  3. I prefer Extreme Weight Loss because I'm an instant gratification gal and you can just tell that Chris and Heidi love what they do.

    I can't believe Biggest Loser would compete with Scandal. That's crazy!

  4. The transformations are absolutely amazing! It gives me inspiration for my patients!


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