Monday, December 15, 2014

Ups & Down

Where we look at how life has been going
Another weekend closer to Christmas
... that's an UP & DOWN in my opinion...

DOWN // my house looks like a Christmas bomb went off. & not a cute Christmas bomb. I mean, ribbons, paper, boxes, packages, laying everywhere.  I think my kitchen counter is in there somewhere... maybe?

DOWN // I haven't been to the grocery in maybe 2 weeks... I'm afraid to look closely to my bread.

DOWN // Health Insurance Companies customer service.  More specifically, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  I told someone today that after Friday, sitting on hold with them for almost 3 hours... for an error on THEIR part, I need a stress test, that I'm sure they wouldn't pay anyways.

UP // Knitting while being on hold for 3 hours.  Might as well be productive

DOWN // Waking up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning...

UP// ... but turning around & taking a morning nap...

DOWN// ... feeling like poop after waking up from a nap. I never feel great after a nap.  I feel weird.  Discombobulated.

UP // Discombobulated is a fun word.

DOWN // my hubby having to work on Saturday.

UP // Able to get my hubby's gifts wrapped with him away.

UP // Youth kiddos Christmas party.  This is my 11th year in our church youth ministry.  11 years.  That means when I started in there. A first grader at our church is now getting ready to become a Senior....

DOWN //... I am old.

UP // One of the youth girls brought in home made sugar cookies with peppermint in them. I'm not a big peppermint person (unless its a York Peppermint) & they were so yummy.

DOWN // One of the kids got an actual Album for her white elephant gift... she was clueless what to do with it. She ripped the jacket apart like you would a CD holder not realizing that they don't open all the way.  & then she said, I guess I hang this on the wall?

How she looked when she opened up a thing called an album

DOWN // ... I am old.

UP // I had a free drink reward on my Starbucks card.  Always makes me happy....

DOWN //.... I only got a medium with my free reward.  Ricky asked me why.  I told him because calories are ridiculous....

UP// ... I saved on a BUNCH of calories...

DOWN// .... I would have liked to down them though.  That Vanilla Bean Frappuccino was everything everyone has ever said about it.

DOWN // I missed the special on TV about Disney & Broadway.  2 of my favorite things.  I forgot to set my DVR for it too.  Poop.

DOWN // I missed Once Upon a Time as well...

UP // ... I did remember to DVR that one.

UP // I love Barbra Walter's Most Fascinating People....

DOWN //... I never agree with her #1 pick.  George Clooney's wife?  Really?  I don't think I ever heard her voice before they showed the 10 second clip of her speaking last night.  Me? Not so fascinated.

How did your weekend go?


  1. You just reminded me that I need to watch Once Upon a Time!! Vanilla Bean Fraps are the best!

    1. I still didn't get around to seeing it! I keep hearing it was great!

  2. Oh Anthem...I think I was on hold with them for about that long when I had to cancel my old policy to move on to one under the ACA. Insurance companies don't seem to get that they need to actually hire bodies to talk to their customers.
    On another note, you inspired me to get a circle loom set and figure out the mystery that is knitting!

  3. I always wonder how Barbara Walters decides the Most Fascinated Person.... I wish I had a vote in it.. Haha.

  4. You need to spread some of your Christmas bomb over here. It just doesn't feel Christmasy enough yet. Too funny about that young girl getting the album. Yea, I wouldn't have picked Amal (sp). I find it funny that she is SO fascinating yet she didn't even appear on the show with Barbara. How can you choose some one for #1 and then not even have an interview with them, just pictures?

  5. on hold for 3 hours!! That's horrible and reminds me of that Friends episode where Phoebe is on the phone forever haha but at least you were productive.

    1. I could have watched that episode while I was on hold :)

  6. You should have live tweeted your Anthem experience. Peter Shankman (PR guru) live tweeted his experience trying to cancel Time Warner and it was hilarious. Also I did a speech about napping once in college. Did you know you aren't supposed to sleep for more than 20-30 minutes? Once you reach an hour your body tries to begin its sleep cycle which is why you might feel all weird when you wake up. #themoreyouknow ;)

  7. i guess i hang this on the wall? lol.
    way to go knitting whilst being on hold, you productive thing you. sorry you had to be on hold for that long!
    my house looks like a not cute christmas bomb as well. mainly one room, i throw something in there and close the door.

  8. I'm with you on the xmas bomb in the house, but for me its in our bedroom! Robyn came home and just shook his head at me! I got most of the wrapping done today thankfully, just a few more....

  9. On hold for 3 hours? I think I would die. My husband USED to work there. Oh the stories he could tell!
    I always feel discombobulated after a nap too, takes me awhile to feel 'myself' again. Great word, I agree. I did NOT think George's wife should've received that honor either! I mean, what the heck? Really?? Oh well, life goes on.


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