Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My first 5k of 2015

So I sat & looked at my Instagram all weekend at people running the Star Wars half marathon... & reading recaps of the full weekend of running in Disney a few weekends ago... & here I am, proud to have done my first 5k of the year.  :) #gome

It's funny how I my perspective has changed on races & goals & moving...

I love seeing what others are doing.  I read in awe... proud of everyone for doing amazing jobs at getting out there & getting it done. 

I'm also proud of me for getting moving again.  Abet slow... but moving.

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday & the hubs was working, so I put on some yoga pants, my tech jacket, which I haven't had on forever... & loaded up my ipod & went to my spot. 

My goal?  Just to keep going until I hit a 5k... easy enough... no time limit, no pressure.  Just inhale the fresh air, enjoy the blue skies & keep moving.

I looked back & saw I haven't done a 5k in MONTHS... the same person who loved to get in a 5k every time I put on my running shoes, at a minimum.  How things change.  But how they can change again.

At the end of it, at about mile 2.50, I thought, let's see what this body feels like running... & I actually did it.  Ran for the last part.  Again - slow.  But that's nothing new - even when I did run 5k's every day, slow is the word always used.  Always will be. 

But when I saw that 3.10 on my watch, I felt like I did all those races with everyone. I felt like I was part of the 'running community' again... even if 90% of it was walking.  I still felt like I was back to where I need to be to get to where I want to go... #deep

Still moving on... still pressing on....


  1. It's always a great feeling when you feel like a part of the running community :) Glad you took advantage of the weather & got out there & ran!

  2. Heck yes lady you're part of the running community!! As one who's had to take time off running to another, it's always such a great feeling to come back. And even better when people are so welcoming and encouraging when we do. You rock!

  3. you go girl! i don't think you ever left the running community ;) i love that first quote, and it's so hard to get caught up in how far and fast other people are running, sometimes i need to smack myself and just be happy with what I am doing!

  4. Yay! Congrats to you. I am SO glad that you are part of the running community, other wise I wouldn't have met you. Actually, you just inspired me to write a post this afternoon. -M

  5. That's awesome. You are still a runner, whether you are currently running or not! It's great that you are working toward your goal. What's the saying? It's all about the journey, not the destination.

  6. This is so awesome! Love the quote at the top. I'm pretty proficient at patting myself on the back for every little thing ;)

  7. There's no requirement for distance. At least I hope there isn't! My weekday runs used to be 3 miles, then I found a 2 mile loop. Sad. Love that quote. Any progress is progress!

  8. 1) Your hat is adorb.
    2) YOU ARE AWESOME. You've come so far in such a short time and you should be over the moon proud!

  9. Finally! You're finally proud of yourself again!

  10. Woot woot good for you. I hope you remember that feeling all 2015!!

  11. Cyber-high-five!! You'll always be part of the running community! 2015 is off to a great start! :)

  12. I love that quote you posted at the beginning. Good for you to get out!

  13. LOVE this!! I am so excited for you Rebecca!! How awesome that you were able to get out and ENJOY!! :)))
    I don't personally believe in "slow"... Some may get things done before you and I - however, you and I get the same things done in a time that's just right for us!! ...and, we preserve our body's health!! I consider it a #WinWin!
    You are just TOO Awesome sweetie!! :)))
    Congrats on your first 5K!! WooHoo!!!

  14. Great job!!! You know this reminded me to where I was about a year ago. I had to retrain my body to run from scratch. I remember running 100 meter increments and walking the rest. It all counts and it's all a part of building up gradually and training smart. I think it's awesome your taking it slow, it just goes to show that you know what your doing, you will get it back in time and likely injury free as well!
    Congrats on hitting the 5k mark!!!!


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