Thursday, January 22, 2015

The "Me Time" Tag

I'm it...

& by 'it', I mean I was tagged by the awesome Danielle at Underland to Wonderland to play along for a post to learn more about each other... The "Me Time" Tag ... where we get into my world & see what I like during Me-time...

1. What do you watch or read during me-time?

Watch?  I'll pretty much watch anything.  I usually do too.  I've been known to be on the treadmill & watch fishing shows or soccer games.  Really?  ... but I love all the top TV.  Scandal - Parks & Rec - Arrow - Downton Abby - Walking Dead ... & I'm really loving Jane the Virgin right now.

Reading?  I love a good autobiography or something light. I'm not big on reading heavy things.  My mind likes to escape during reading - not have to work double time

2. What do you wear during me-time?

Usually yoga pants & old race t-shirts. 
Let me throw on some Uggs & I am the typical girl in Starbucks.

This is so wrong.... I have an Android... not an iPhone :)

3. What are your me-time beauty products?

I'm simple.  Really simple. Like I never use moisturizer simple.  I basically use Rimmell eye make up remover & Neutrogena Natural Face Wash.  Ta-da... beauty products complete. 

When I try new products, my face becomes one big zit.  I'm a the age now I need to decide which one - zits or wrinkles - is the worst one to have.....

4. Current favorite nail polish?

Oh Lordy... I haven't painted my nails in a lifetime.  During winter (cold & flu season), I wash my hands so much, polish lasts like a half a day...

but I do have a TON of Avon nail polish that I really like.  I'm usually a dark color person - dark browns, dark purples, dark reds.  My nails are pretty much goth.

5. What do you eat or drink during me-time?

I'm always found drinking a Sparkling water or an iced coffee
Eating?  I love salty stuff.  Give me crackers, pop-chips, tortilla chips.  I adore salt where others love sugar. 
(Seriously - you would probably laugh at me if you went to dinner with me & saw how much salt I sprinkle on food)

6. Current favorite candle?

I don't even know the scent, but its a new Yankee candle (Yankee's are the BEST) & its some sort of bluish color.  I think its some sort of lavender/floral mixture. I just lit it for the first time last week & thought, I need to put these EVERYWHERE. 

I usually go for the Apple or Vanilla smells. Make my house smell like I've been baking all day.

7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?

I try to have outdoor me time then any other me time.  I love sitting on my porch reading - its my favorite place in the whole world.... & even when its raining?  Even more so.  I love sitting on my enclosed porch when its cold (there's a heater in there) & enjoying snow & just staring at the sky & trees.  I want to go hug a tree right now #hippie

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone?

I always said I would... though I have never done it.  I don't think it would bother me really because you don't really get to talk to anyone anyways while you're in there.  I just know it would be my luck to walk into a theater alone & in there would be people I hadn't seen in like 20 years from school or my teenage years & thinking, "oh, poor girl.. she has no one in her life"  Why should I care?  I don't know.  If I could sneak in when the lights were off - I'd be all for it.

this is what I don't want people thinking I am if I went to the theater alone

9. Favorite online shop?

Amazon... for sure... I only shop there at least once a week.. sometimes up to 3 days a week.   Where else can I get joint medicine for my dog, a good book, camera equipment & underwear at the same place?

Amazon loves me too. I just know it.

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?

Well duh - me time is also full of reading blogs & checking pictures on Instagram.   That should go without saying.
I love seeing what everyone is up to... call me nosy.  I call it "being invested in others"... sounds much more important of a thing to do.

So I tag the following:

Fairytale & Fitness
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See you in a porridge

... & anyone else that wants to play along :)


  1. I laugh because I just bought joint medicine for my dog on Amazon! Do you buy Cosequin? I am on my phone now but I will answer the rest of the questions when I get to a PC!

  2. that last gif is bothering me because i feel like i know the girl but can't place her. gah. annoying.
    i have seen a ton of movies on my own - not in the last few years because KC will always be like 'why, i'll come with you!' but i did it a bunch when I was younger.
    you need to use moisturizer! silly girl. i need some new makeup remover - is rimmel good? and i love the dark colours too. thanks for the nomination girly!

  3. Ok, here goes.

    1. My go to show is always an episode ( or 5) of Sex and the City. I also enjoy The Middle, and Big Bang Theory.

    2. Leggings and fleece shirts, ( since it has been cold out) Sometimes I mix it up with fleece pants and a long sleeve top...haha.

    3. Hmm, this is tough. Many years ago a fellow teacher got me into selling Mary Kay products. I haven't sold now for several years but I still have some products left over. I've been using them all up. I just recently lost my favorite lip color while on vacation at Disney. I have come to find out that the color is discontinued ( that shows you how long it has been since I sold..haha). I have been stalking ebay for it now!

    4. I love the Sally Hanson polish that has the angled tip brush. The design of the brush is key and is the only reason I even buy that polish.

    5. Oh, I'm sure it would be some sort of junk food, which I am trying to avoid lately. I love me some cheddar blast goldfish, and cupcakes are always a good idea. I only ever buy a cupcake when I am out somewhere though like on vacation. I never buy a pack and bring the home!

    6. I like the food smell candles. I don't really care what kind. My Pappy recently bought me an Apple pumpkin pie one over Christmas and it was fabulous.

    7. Yes, my outdoor me time is when I run on the trail or walk or run down at the island!

    8. Hmm, this is a tough one. I have nothing against seeing a movie by myself, but honestly if I had 2 hours of free time I would not choose to spend it sitting in a dark movie theater. I have eaten in a restaurant by myself which is something my "younger" self would have never done. ( it was only a quick service restaurant though).

    9. Amazon, for sure, Ebay sometimes, and I am now starting to buy less from, but it is still a favorite to browse at every once in a while!

    10. I wanted to get into traditional scrapbooking but never had the patience for it. I then discovered digital scrapbooking and loved it. After my old Dell computer went wonky I couldn't do it anymore because the photo editing program I was using was no longer compatible with my new PC. I got Photo shop element s for Christmas 2 years ago and still have not used it properly because I think I need to take a college course on So to answer your question, I wish I could get back into photo editing and digital scrapbooking,

    I am sure you learned way more then you wanted Lacey is working a Flight now ( and for the next few days) but I will send her over here to answer your questions when she is off. Thanks for the tag!

  4. Love your answers! Give the go to a movie a lone a try sometime, it's actually kinda nice. I do it all the time, but I only go around noon on weekdays if I do it:) and I show up just as the movie is about to start:)
    Let's see if I can answer these, I actually haven't run a post yet on my blog today and I've got a few minutes right now, I'll try to answer all of these and post today as well, for fun! Thanks!

  5. I love dark nail polish too. I don't know why, I just think it looks better!
    My credit card does extra rewards for different stores throughout the year (they rotate quarterly)…the quarter that Amazon comes up is always my favorite ;)

  6. Ha ha--I loved all these gifs! I am both a salty snack person and a sweet snack person...I guess I just love all food, ha ha! It must be so nice to have an enclosed porch you can use year-round!


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