Monday, January 5, 2015

Ups & Downs

Where I look at how healthy my weekend was

DOWN // Tried to get an x-ray done on my side... only to have the nurse at the doctors office somehow screw up THREE times on not sending over the orders.  Great... a weekend in more pain & not knowing why.

UP // My dad brought me a homemade Hershey pie

DOWN // My dad brought me a homemade Hershey pie... It can't really be THAT much in calorie - its basically frozen cool whip with a huge Hershey bar mixed in.  Cool whip isn't too bad... right?  Right?

DOWN // Ricky &I went to O'Charleys.... I've got him hooked on their black bean burger.  Well, I love their salads. They are full of green in their salad. Not just iceberg lettuce.  I ate & then went & entered my MyFitnessPal entries & found out that the balsamic dressing is 260 calories.  WHAT?... nearly as much as the black bean burger.  That's depressing.

DOWN // had a piece of apple pie for dessert at O'Charley's.  Apple Pie to me is my favorite dessert.  Found out that had 500 calories.  DANG IT!

DOWN // A new stomach pain... I'm chalking this one up to stress of not knowing what my side pain is.  It left me freaking out though.  I don't handle pain well... add in the internet & I go full fledge FREAK OUT!

UP // I got to sleep in Saturday.  It was heavenly to get to stay snuggled in my bed with my dogs.

UP // We had cinnamon rolls sitting around waiting to be eaten for breakfast.  Pat on my back... I didn't eat them.  My hubs was happy to take care of those for me.

UP // I did really good at logging all my food intake on My Fitness Pal. I really got out of the habit of doing that.  Not sure how long I stick with it.  I sort of have a love hate relationship with it.  All the focus on all the food.  Which is a good thing, but a frustrating thing.  I know some of you get what I'm talking about.

This is how I feel about entering food & NOT entering food into MFP

UP // walk into church with your bible in one hand & coffee in another & then no one can shake hands with you.  There's your stay healthy tip of the day.

DOWN // I wanted to work out starting this weekend but the side pain just gets aggravated when I even walk from one room to the next.  I think I'm at the point where I'm going to work out anyways - I mean, it hurts just doing normal things anyways - at least it will give me a reason to say why it hurts.

UP // Found a chai tea with ingredients I can pronounce.  Ever read the things in some of those K-cups?  Freaks me out.

UP // Got lots of knitting done this weekend.  Good for the brain.

DOWN // Went to bed really late last night.  Not a good way to start the week.  I blame it solely on Downton Abbey.  I had to watch the special afterwards... like its going to make me have better manners or something. HA!  It was interesting though.
So we head into another week...
How was your weekend?
What healthy choices did you make?


  1. Cool Whip isn't bad....and one apple pie slice won't break the weight bank. Plus knitting totally burns all the calories so you're good ;) And I've found a pretty good chai tea latte at Kroger before but it's always lacking. perhaps I'll get fancy and froth the milk? Hmmm...

  2. Happy birthday! That hershey pie looks delicious. Sorry to hear about your pain. Hope you feel better soon.
    I have never watched Downtown Abby but heard great things about it. I just started watching AHS on Netflix. -L

  3. You have to have amazing self control to not eat a cinnamon roll. I can't say no to those things!

    1. We had some at Christmas & they sorta made me sick... so I'm over it.. for it now :)

  4. i totally don't look at calories when i eat out any more. so sad. is the black bean burger spicy? i don't like spicy but i would try it if it's not. and apple pie.... man i am crying about how much i want apple pie right now.

  5. hahaha, Bible in hand and coffee in the other. Great healthy tip! ;P

    I specifically designate Saturdays as my cheat days because my church makes super awesome food for potluck. <3 <3

    They always give me 23432x the amount of dressing I want in my salads, so I just ask for it on the side now. (Bonus if they give it to me in a to-go container--free salad dressing for future salads! :D!)


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