Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Confessions

// I confess I want short work weeks every week.  Is that too much to ask for?

// I confess I have been wanting to eat anything & everything in front of me... & more  #pms

// I confess I'm also feeling like a balloon ready to burst.  Hello bloating.  #pmsbites

// I confess I enjoy being on my scale/weigh in protest while I feel super bloated.

// I confess the T25 Beta has pretty much kicked my butt as I started this new round - but really loved doing
new workouts & excited about the challenge of getting stronger in these moves.

// I confess I got my library clean & straightened up.... its been a mess since Christmas where I dump all the gifts that need to be wrapped & wrapping paper & ribbons & bows.  So I'm a little late in getting to cleaning it up.  Better late then never.

Amen... amen... amen....

// I confess ever since I wore a chunky necklace out the other day, I just want more & more chunky necklaces.  I'm looking everywhere I go for them.

// I confess I spent $24.00 on one chunky necklace.  I never spend that much on jewelry that isn't real metal or a gem.

// I confess I need to find a way to store all my new necklaces since they aren't ones I'll be wearing every day.  They're too big for my jewelry box.  Gotta get creative here.

// I confess I need to just wear my medals as the best chunky necklaces ever :)

// I confess I got Robin Roberts new book & am loving it.

// I confess I want Paul Stanley's new book.... yes, we're KISS fans

// I confess I love a good autobiography

// I confess I didn't realize how many quotes I love were actually from Maya Angelou.

// I confess I think great minds in the world are getting few & far between.

// I confess I believe that prayers are a big reason why our Sydney is still fighting good & hard with her cancer battle.  We're at 4 months & they said she wouldn't make it past 3... prayer matters

// I confess I'm teaching the youth kids on Sunday & using rock climbing as an example of God's faithfulness... youth ministry is the best!

// I confess I want to see Malificent & not sure the hubs wants to see it as bad as I do.  I may need to convince him to go see that stupid Tom Cruise movie while I slide into another theater.

// I confess I don't care for Tom Cruise.... #weirdo .... but I do like a lot of his movies.  A Few Good Men is one of my favorites.

Anything you need to confess today?
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. The reason you want to keep eating everything in sight is because you bought all that yummy food at Whole Foods this week! ( I'm kidding of course) #bloggerlove Happy weekend!

    1. haha! That's true! I also went to TJ Maxx today & got some MORE yummy food. No food shopping when PMS hits :)

  2. i despise tom cruise, no idea why. my husband wants to see his new movie and im like, nope. nope. nope.
    that book gif is my favourite thing ever. wish books would appear like that for me haha.
    i love chunky necklaces but why are they so expensive!?

  3. #PMSTotallySucks

    I confess that I didn't realize how many amazing quotes Maya Angelou had as well. She was an absolutely incredible person and the world is a better place having had her in it!

    I confess I think Tom Cruise is VERY weird but I looooove Top Gun and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol! Two of my fave movies!

    I can't wait to see Maleficent! We're going tomorrow!!

    1. Have fun! You'll have to tell me what you think about it.

  4. I love these!! My confession is I had Starbucks TWICE today, I usually only allow myself a treat once a week, but I was traveling so I rationalized it! Eek!

  5. I confess I bought a box of ice cream sandwiches when I already have ice cream and popsicles in my fridge!

  6. I love your blogs Rebecca!! You're so creative!! I don't know how to do those animated pics, lol. They're really cool!!
    My confession: I'm hopelessly in love with chocolate... 😍🍫😍


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