Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thinking about Juice

I'm feeling off.... you know that feeling?  Just "off"...

I'm so frustrated because I'm on week 3 of my T25 - kicking butt I might add.
& by kicking butt, I mean, sweating like a pig...

That's gotta mean I'm working hard.  Right?

I can feel myself getting better in some areas (burpees, I'm coming to get you!) ... while other things, I just feel like I can't get past (Lower body Focus, you make my legs jello every time)

& the topper of it all, I went to weigh in this week.  Still the exact same FREAKING weight!... & you better believe I just yelled FREAKING! very loudly....

Its like my body refuses - like a 2 yr old kid refusing veggie kinda tantrum refusing - to shed any weight.  & I know people say, its about the measuring tape - not the scale. Well, my pants are still as tight as anything on me... so there's that theory out the window...

So I'm thinking ... I wonder if I need a reboot of some sort. 

I just watched a documentary called "Super Juice Me" & I've seen other documentaries on juicing.  I used to do it - not as a 'meal only' kinda thing, but would make a juice every few days.  I think back at it & I actually felt better then.  Was about 20 lbs. lighter too.... sigh...

So I'm debating doing a juice fast.  I actually bought the 28 day plan they offered from this documentary.  It gives all the recipes for each day, the grocery shopping list (include a grocery shopping list & I'll probably buy it)

I wanted to try the new juice diet everyone's raving about ...So I juiced some M & Oreos...

The only thing that scares me - besides being STARVED - is what my body will do with the juicing.  I mean, will I have enough energy to make it through the day?  Will I be able to work out like I normally do?  What do I do when everyone goes out to eat?  How will my husband eat?  Can I make him dinner & be happy sitting down with a glass for my scrumptious eating for the night?  & more importantly - am I going to be sitting on a toilet the whole 28 days?

I don't know why it scares me so much...

The other thing I'm thinking about - Juice Plus.  I keep hearing a lot of things from people about how it made them feel better. I know this isn't a weight-loss thing, but I want something to just kick start my body from the inside.  Maybe I need more fruits & veggies.  Good Lord knows I don't get enough no matter how hard I try....

I just hate how expensive it is.  Why are things that are supposed to be good for you so expensive? I don't get it.

hmmm... ok... in my face I guess

Screw the health of our world - let's make money...


Anyone try either of these things?  Juicing?  Juice Plus?


  1. i have never done a juicing thing because i just know i would cry and starve (i like food) but i think i saw that same documentary, and i enjoyed it but what i took from it is just eat better, you know? i mean, you do it if you know you can, especially if you've done it before.

  2. I don't know if I should really give my opinion but I feel like juice fasts are ok for a quick body detox (like 3-5 days), but I would be worried about a 28 day cycle. I don't think it would be healthy for your body, plus even if you do lose some weight, eating regular food may bring it back. Just worried for you is all! :0)

    On another note, do you count your calories? I did that for a long time and it helped me lose my weight. I first started off with Jenny Craig for a couple months then gained knowledge on servings per day and portion sizes and I completed the rest of the weight loss myself. For weight loss, I believe they had 1200 and 1500 cal/day diet options.

    1. I appreciate the concern - I'm concerned for myself too :) haha I can't imagine 28 days totally on that... but I think maybe I'll try 2 juices a day & then fruits/veggies as snacks & one meal. I have low blood sugar so that worries me too. Plus, I just like food :)

      I do/did the MFP app for over a year.. & I actually seem to gain or stay exactly the same when I count calories. Don't ask me why... My body is a weird thing that doesn't do ANYTHING it's supposed to do.

  3. I do a juice for breakfast with some almonds or a bit of carbs as a light snack to get me through to lunch..but honestly, I don't know how anyone would survive (or not be hangry all the time) on juice alone for more than five minutes. I love green juice but you have to still be conscious about what you're eating and that you'll probably have empty tummy feelings for a bit so be sure to pack healthy snacks!

  4. Juicing...hmmm... I just know this is not for me. Maybe for a meal but I know I'd be a crankopotamous on a juice cleanse. Plus I personally think it is not cost efficient. The amount of fruits and veggies required to get a glass of juice is way too much. I have a juicer that has been used only once for that same reason.

    1. crankopotamous... haha! Yes - I think that would be me too. I'll probably try a juice diet of just changing it out for a meal - maybe 2... I do know its expensive to do... I actually have a juicer but recently bought one of those mega-blenders like the Ninja & it really chomps it up like a juicer except it keeps the skins... I like that. Uses less food.

  5. I juice on occasion ... but it's a lot of work for me to prep all the fruits/veggies and juice every morning. Expensive, too. I don't know if I could do a 28 day detox but I have done it for 3 days straight and it's really not that bad. You can experiment with the recipes -- add more carrots or whatever. Drink the juice when you're hungry and keep some water with lemon handy to drink when you're thirsty. I won't lie - after a day or two, you'll probably feel some wooziness. Supposedly, that's just your body's reaction to no more over-processed foods and preservatives. We bought our juicer right after watching Joe Cross's documentary: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I would recommend trying it for at least a few days -- you could do juice for breakfast and lunch and then salad and other healthy stuff for supper. Then you won't feel like you're missing out by not actually chewing anything. Make sure you have a good juicer -- there are some out there that don't get all the juice out of the produce and there's a lot of wasted nutrients. You could also save the pulp to freeze for later recipes (soup, stew, etc.). Heck, our chickens love it when I juice because they get all the pulp! I'm too lazy to remember to juice all the veggies first, save their pulp, then start juicing the fruits. Can't think of anyone who wants lemon pulp in their veggie chili. :)

    1. Wow -- didn't realize how wordy I get ... :)

    2. I love you're wordy :) Anyone full of good info is a friend of mine :)

  6. I have never tried juicing but I think it would be interesting. You're hilarious, by the way! :) I just nominated you for a Liebster award, here is the link back to my blog if you wanna check it out

    1. Ahh - you're so sweet :) Thanks for the shout out :) headed over now :)


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