Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pinterest Says: Apple Pie Detox Drink

I'm one of those people who loves Pinterest...

I'll pin away... but don't really do a lot with these little snippets of awesome information I save.  So I'm going to try & do a few of them - some of the ideas, some of the work outs, some of the recipes...

It's like Simon Says, but its Pinterest Says

Pinterest telling me what to do in life...

I went with a recipe I found for a drink that calls for Apple Cider Vinegar - & its called an "Apple Pie Detox Drink"

Here's what the pin looks like

apple pie drink by lemusingsofmoi, via Flickr

We all know the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

If you don't - you must live under a rock... or somewhere that no one tell you about awesome information.

That smelly stuff actually is good for you - it will help detox your liver - it helps lower blood pressure & cholesterol - it controls blood sugar levels - supposed to help clear your complexion & is supposed to aid in weight loss, increases metabolism & can reduce hunger & cravings.

See?  that's me loving you giving you an idea on something that will help you all over.


Apple Cider Vinegar is an acquired taste - that's for sure.  I honestly don't mind it too much, but if it would taste like an apple pie - then why not go for that?

that goes without saying gif gene wilder young Frankenstein imgur

All it takes is:
2 tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider
1 1/2 cup water
1/2 apple - I actually used 3/4 of an apple
1 teaspoon cinnamon - which also helps with blood sugar & cholesterol (More love for you)
10 drops of vanilla stevia

I didn't have any drops of vanilla stevia so I used 1 packet of regular stevia - which I don't care for & rarely use. I may see if they have vanilla drops - that may make me like it more.

Just blend it up in a blender - I used my Nutribullet - but I cut my apples kinda small so I wouldn't murder my blender

My drink

It definitely smells like apple pie.  All the apple scents with the cinnamon. mmmm...

You have to keep stirring it with your straw because the cinnamon will settle... & I think I may have actually used 1 TABLESPOON of cinnamon instead of teaspoon.

Cinnamon challenge anyone?

GloZell - Cinnamon Challenge

I have to say - it wasn't bad... it was interesting. My Nutribullet chopped up the apples to more of a applesauce texture which was weird drinking.... so maybe next time I'll let it run longer. Or use less apples.

It works best if you drink it in the morning so I drank it on my way into work... nervous I was going to get the trots from it all... but as of 10:30, I have had no mad dashes to the bathroom

mean girls quotes

...all honesty... all the time...

But I will say, I felt full as I was drinking it... but about 30 minutes later, I needed some breakfast.  Give me some food.  So this may be a good pre-breakfast drink.

Will I try it again?  Possibly.  But it was a lot of work to chop up the apples & get it all together.  I don't mind apple cider in water with honey - I may just drink that & eat the apple.

Keep life simple

Is this something you would try?

Do you like Apple Cider Vinegar?

Any Pin that I should try next?


  1. Aaaand I just realized I was not following you on Pinterest yet... but that has since been resolved! :0)

    This sounds like a very interesting drink. I've never had apple cider vinegar and had no idea of its good qualities either! I would probably try it for the benefits...maybe not the taste though judging by your overall thoughts lol!

    1. Its definitely not HORRID - at least to me - I've heard people despise the taste of ACV... I actually use it as salad dressing as well.

  2. I love this. I'm the worst for pinning profusely and then never doing anything. When I was a teenager, I read that apple cider was good for acne so I used to drink it in hot water. Disgusting. I swear I used to radiate the smell

    1. It does have a strong smell... I guess I've gotten immune to the taste - I don't mind it at all. Its strong though - no doubt.

  3. interesting! i hate apple cider vinegar, i read it was good for me so when i was younger (and sick..) i would only drink that and eat an apple each day. thats it. so now i cant stand the stuff.

  4. I'll have to try this. I don't have stevia but I wonder if honey would be OK to use ... ? I try to have some Bragg's (1/2 tablespoon), honey (more than necessary, I'm sure), and water (32 oz to dilute the taste of the Bragg's) -- daily would be optimal but I'm lucky to do this once a week. I love apples and apple pie though ... I'll see if my blender can handle the task. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

    1. I bet honey would be fine with it - I usually drink ACV with honey in water anyways :)


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