Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Confessions

Time to let it all spill out...
* So apparently I'm a freak & weirdo who watches way too much Dr. Oz & reads too many weird articles. Not many people even heard of the things in yesterday's post.  I'll let everyone know if I found the secret to youth & energy in my concoctions
* I tried going the cheap route on buying a generic K-Cup for coffee (hello new Iced Coffee obsession). I'm new to the coffee world & didn't know any better.  The generic was plain GROSS.  I ended up having to throw out the drink I made. It was that bad.  I'll start saving up my coupons for the Starbucks K-Cups I was using before.
* I am in love with this creamer.  If you remember my confession last week on the ingredients on flavored coffees, it goes for the ingredients in creamers. YUCK & BLAH!  This one is just plain things you know what they are... nonfat milk, cream & sugar.
My new best friend
* I ran for the first time since my half marathon the other day getting in my Jost Running 5K .... I could instantly feel that area in my foot where the blister came up during the race. WTHeck?!?!?!  This is so new to me. Why am I getting blisters in weird places on my feet when I never had before.  It's my 2nd pair of shoes - so I don't think that's the issue.
* Its Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour this weekend.... this can be bad for my waist line.
Happy Amy
My dance when I get half off of my Starbucks order
* My legs are embarrassing white in my running shorts now. I may even have to break out some spray tan until the blinding white calms down.
* You can watch a cool documentary for free until Monday called "Super Juice Me" at
 It really is good.  I totally cried by the changes in some of these people's lives... I always cry when people have life changes ... I'm a sap.
* I also now am going to dust off my juicer & get back at it.  I used to juice but ended up needing counter space.  Screw the counter space.  I need to get my health back in check.
... WIN AT LIFE!!!...
* I'm cleaning my closet this weekend.  This could turn out to be the most depressing thing that has happened to me in awhile. I hope I have some sort of summer clothes that still fit.
Please Lord, let something fit
* Tomorrow, I have a 2nd chance to sleep. Let's see if I can make it past 6:30 this time.
* Planning a trip to Sam's Club.  I get so excited about coming out with a butt load of fruit & veggies.... & maybe a super size bucket of cashews.
Anything you need to get off your chest today?


  1. I didn't put on sunscreen yesterday and I know better. I also know that the creamer I put in my coffee at work is full of crap but I drink it anyway, I just never drink it at home.

    1. Crap is appropriate at work :) Whatever gets you through a day :)

  2. This reminded me that I have been wanting to clean the closet in the spare room, thanks! And PS, I think we all have those pasty white legs still! Where is that sun?

    1. Oh, forget the closets in the spare rooms... that's a whole other beast that will probably never get slayed :)

  3. I love all of the Natural Bliss creamers. Only a few ingredients, and all that I can live with. I was doing the Amy Poehler dance too on Saturday when I got a Green Tea Frapuccino and it was super cheap.

  4. Don't buy K-Cups! They are SOOOOO overpriced. I bought one of those empty cups for the Keurig machine (about $15-20 or so) and have saved a ton of money through it. I can buy regular bagged coffee and just put a couple spoonfuls in the container when I use my Keurig. You should check it out!

    1. I totally forgot - I have one of those somewhere!! I gotta fish it out!!


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