Monday, May 5, 2014

The Up's & Down's

I think I'm going to start a new thing called "Up's & Down's"... Gotta create some sort of button for it too...

A good way to look back at the weekend & see what went right, what went wrong in all things health, happiness, fitness & nutrition ...

Let's see how his past weekend went...

Down -  Happy Hour Frappuccino - Java Chip.... Chocolate yumminess

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Up - At least got that Frappuccino with non fat milk.

Up - At least it was half off

Up - Dancing!  I get to be a dancer in our children's ministry event once a month. Its 15 minutes of non stop dancing & jumping! 

Down - The Hubs brought home some pizza for us for dinner... at 11:00pm

Down - heartburn... man, its hit me hard this past year

Up - tried my first smoothie with Spirulina

Down - It tasted like dirt
Looks like dirt too

Up - Double T25 work out!

Down - I can't feel the Ab Interval work out except in my low back... as in pain... not in the abs where I should be feeling it ... making this a DOUBLE DOWN...

Up - McAlisters for Lunch ... yummy healthy options. I had a half of a veggie sandwich & a half of a veggie chili potato.  

Is the Tea an up or down?  A little of both?

Up - Saw Spiderman 2 - That's good for my mental health :)

Up/Down - Movie snack - got chocolate covered almonds.  Better then M&M's - right?

Up - Starbucks trip & got an unsweet tea instead of a frap! 

Up - My first Nature Box came in! Filled with yumminess!

Down - I ate the bag of sriracha flavored cashews in 2 days

Up - lots of walking for a photo session

Down - the bones on my feet are killing me. I've been to a podiatrist about it before & he said my bones have room to slip & when it hurts, they have slipped over a bit. WHAT?  I just know it hurt yesterday.

Up - Veggie sandwich from Penn Station for dinner

Down - HUGE Lemonade from Penn Station while waiting for sandwiches to be made.  I was so hot & dehydrated from the photo session.

Down - sitting in front of the computer for 3 hours editing pictures

How was your weekend?  Full of more ups or down?

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  1. i laughed so hard 'it tasted like dirt'. boo to that grossness, but at least the frappuccino looks amazingly delish?! i like this ups and down thing. way to go lady! your ups are better than the downs ;)

    1. I was afraid to keep count of the ups & down :) Just went with it.
      I like I put the frap as a down ,but then called it Yummy :) I'm a girl that has fun with her downs :)

  2. I love this type of post idea!!

    That sucks that smoothie tasted like dirt...and yeah, it kinda looks like dirt too actually lol! Mmm McAlister' it there! The club is my fave, with either potato salad or broccoli cheddar soup!

    My back hurts from some abs exercises all the ones that you do while laying on your back. I find the plank variations and exercises in that position are MUCH better for my back. Hope this helps you! Great job with all your ups this week!

    1. I haven't tried the potato salad but saw that & mac & cheese this weekend & I was like "Gotta try!" ... broccoli cheddar soup? I just drooled. So many choices on the menu, I could go every day & try something different!!!

  3. I really did laugh out loud at the tasted like dirt comment:) I know you are mixing new things and that sounded like something I would do. Come up with a brilliant concoction just to taste it and have utter disappointment in my creation.. LOL
    Pizza at 11pm???? I really can't say anything to that. Last night 10:33 pm exactly, I glanced at the clock on the stove as I, yes opened the fridge and took a slice of cold pizza out for a late snack! I actually felt so guilty I stayed up until midnight just so I would feel like I didn't eat and then sleep, LOL dumb I know, but ya oh well.... LOL

    1. I should have stayed up... or even slept sitting up. The heart burn was ridiculous! Getting old bites sometimes :)

  4. I was lying in bed and I literally LOL at your "tasted like dirt" comment too! I'm liking your ups and downs post.

    1. I wish I could say I was exaggerating on that.... AFTER I drank it & posted it on Instagram, someone said, "Why don't you just buy the spirulina bars?"... GREAT - now they tell me :)

  5. I like the up/down aspect but some of yours are really ups if they're not all the time (aka pizza) but then I'm pretty biased when it comes to food lol Thanks for linkin up! Lookin forward to seein what your button looks like once it's designed :)

    1. Yeah - just like my "Down" for a java chip drink - I still said "YIPPEE" in it :) I enjoy some of my downs :) The bad girl side of me.


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