Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Confessions

// I confess I am beyond ecstatic about X-men coming out!!!! Again, you must know I am a tad obsessed with Hugh Jackman.  My husband knows this & is OK with it.  I mean, its Wolverine.
Side Note - Hugh Jackman played Gaston in Beauty & the Beast on Broadway.  Just adds to the awesome that is Hugh Jackman

// I confess my husband used to make me watch all the X-men cartoons when we first started dating & he would quiz me on all the characters & their super powers.  So I really do love X-men... its not ALL about Mr. Muscles Hugh Jackman.

Not ALL the reason I love X-men
... but maybe a part...

// I confess I was shocked when I saw my blog post about being on a soap box (post from Wednesday) about being a vegetarian/vegan made it to the Vegetarian Twimes online.  Seriously!  My post was featured. 

I'm not Regina George... I'll use the word :)

// I confess I have been craving Nutella all week. I need to resist buying another jar when this one is gone.  I only bought this last jar when my G-boys came to visit.  Every little boy needs Nutella sandwiches.  Every 42 yr old woman does NOT.

// I confess my "Scale Protest" has been weird. I've walked by my scale in the mornings & I've had to actually resist not stepping on it. I need to just move it.. out of sight, out of mind.
Ashley Benson Fake Friends animated GIF

// I confess I hit up McDonalds every day this week for Iced Coffee.  A small one is free. 

// I confess that I feel funny getting something for free, so I would buy something every time.  Apple pies for my husband.  Fries or a hamburger for my dogs.  Kind of defeats the point of the free iced coffee. 

Me when they say the price due is $0.00

// I confess I am so excited about a long weekend.  Like, I'm ready to loose my sanity at work if I don't get a break... so this is coming at a great time.

// I confess I'm determined to FINALLY get my closet switched over from winter to summer.

// I confess that I confessed that a few weeks ago & never made it #fail

// I confess I forgot my Fitbit the other day & felt like my arm was cut off.  I felt so lost. I need to see my steps now all during the day. #AnotherAddiction

// I confess my photo session for this weekend had to cancel (it was a maternity session & she had the baby 13 weeks early... pray for this family!!!) - I am now photo free for the first time in a few weeks. I'm actually excited to photography my own life ... I get so caught up taking pictures for everyone else, I miss my own sometimes.

// I confess that Drew Barrymore looking amazing so quickly after pregnancy blows my mind.  I bet moms everywhere sort of hate her.

Supportive: Drew was accompanied by her doting husband Will Kopelman

// I confess that the things with dogs dying from jerky treats from China sort of freaks me out.  That's why I've been giving my dog animal crackers for treats.  Seriously. Like that's better for them? Probably not... but at least its not going to kill them.

// I confess I need this shirt...

I need it to add on
... "Yes, with Nutella"....

// I confess this video is hilarious.  I know its making the rounds.  Its worth watching again....I also confess my dad already said this is how he feels about me & now he knows why my neck hurts all the time.  "He just kept getting medal... after medal... after much weight...."

Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. yay i love hugh too! wish i had seen him in any broadway shows, but i am not a gaston fan! haha! cant wait for xmen. love that animal crackers top lol. have a great weekend!

  2. I have Nutella Coupons for you!!!!

  3. That's a great shirt and you should totally sport it around town. Congrats on your feature, that's so awesome! I hope you did a little happy dance :) And I'm with you on the love for Nutella. I used to eat it in gross amounts and then boycotted it for like ten years until my boyfriend bought it last week. I can't resist!! Why oh why is it so delicious?

    1. It's gotta be evil to be that delicious!!!

  4. I confess that I saw your post come through my newsfeed earlier today and I could wait to read it.

    I confess that I brought Nutella to school one day and had to share it with 20 of my students. (it's okay, they all got a spoonful and they each had a clean spoon)

    I confess the jerky thing scared me too, good thing I don't buy it often. I also confess my labrador Loves animal crackers and I give her some once in a while.

    You are not going to like this one: I confess that I would not be able to pick Hugh Jackman out of a crowd. Actually I wouldn't be able to pick him out of 5 people ( unless of course I already knew who the other 4 people were) sorry!

    Have a fun weekend!

    1. WHAT?!?!?!?!??!?! I need to come over right now & have a Hugh Jackman movie weekend... Les Miserables? No? Oh wow...
      I'm glad to see animal crackers are a thing for other dogs :) I don't feel so bad now :) The Nutella on animal crackers is just for me though :)

  5. Mmmm mmm I love me some Nutella!! That is some good stuff. And on animal crackers? Genius.

    All those dog treats from China makes me nervous too. The treats I give my dogs are the blue buffalo mini-treats, and mother hubbard peanut butter treats. They love them and they are safe!

    I had no idea Drew Barrymore was even pregnant lol! She does look very good post-birth!

    1. & that's just 4 weeks after having the baby!!!!!
      I need to check out those blue buffalo treats!

  6. First, I watched the new X-Men last night and there is a very wonderful Hugh Jackman moment that I think you and every woman alive will appreciate. I know I did. Second, I also love Michael Fassbender but only as young Magneto much like I only love Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Anyway, since I'm a jerk I'm going to make everybody hate my by saying I actually don't like nutella and it's ingredient and nutrition fact list very closely resembles that of Betty Croker Chocolate Frosting.

  7. Yum Hugh Jackman! Love your confessions. I am weird about getting stuff for free too, so I get buying something even if you don't need it!

    1. Good to know I'm not alone in my 'free stuff weirdness" ;)

  8. My brother was a serious comic book junkie when we were growing up, and I'd sneak his X-Men comics and read them. I'd never have admitted to it, of course! If you've never seen the movie Someone Like You, try to find it. It's a romantic comedy with Jackman and Ashley Judd. He's hilarious in it.


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