Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Confessions

that time of the week... time to confess it all out there

 // I confess the weather is doing me in.  It was 90 degrees & now its getting down to the 30's tonight.  I've determined I'm never happy with the temperatures. 
// I confess I need someone to tell me a place that is 70 degrees every day?

30 Rock, Go to there

//  I confess I need an answer from you all.  I love to respond to every comment I get, but if you don't have your settings where your email doesn't show, I come back here & hit 'Reply" & respond. I just thought the other day, I don't know if you all see that I reply to your comments.  Someone, let me know if you get notified of that.  Please & thank you. 
// I confess that T25 Lower Body Focus dvd makes me want to cry.  It makes my legs feel like jello & makes my calves cramp like a sissy.
// I confess I actually did a shout of joy & "Whoop'ed" out loud when I looked on the rest of the Alpha calendar of T25 & saw there is no more Lower Body Focus.... Good riddance 
This is too kind...I want to break the disc in many tiny pieces
// I confess I didn't look at the Beta calendar & see if there is a disc called "Even MORE Lower Body Focus" ... If there is, let me live in denial for one more week.
// I confess I'm a bad snacker.  I know this.  I'm trying to make changes by eating more fruit for snacks instead of chips & crackers.  My body craves carbs apparently.  Hope it starts craving fruit.
Grapes was the snack of choice yesterday
// I confess I actually am missing running
// I confess I joined a new virtual run organization for its inaugural race that is next month - so I'll be at least getting in a 5k soon.  I love an inaugural medal.  The new Virtual-Running can be found right HERE

// I confess I've never seen anyone wear a race bib for a virtual race.  Do people really wear them while running a virtual race? Wouldn't that look kinda dorky running around a park with a race bib?  I'm all about dorky... I'm in!
// I confess my feet has a new best friend.  A Pumice Stone. Geez... I need some sort of secret formula on how to keep moisture in my feet. Its like a dead skin village.  Mayor Flakey residing.

Me every day after I pumice my feet

// I confess I need some prayers for my Sydney girl.  She's past the time the vet gave us since her diagnosis of bone cancer.  She was doing great!  We then gave her a new natural medicine that is suppose to be amazing for dogs.  It ended up back firing. It made her feel great - but TOO great. She ended up hurting herself - her bones are so fragile - & she's limping again & looking bad.  We've got her back on her medicine from the vet as well, trying to take care of the pain.  Our poor girl.. she's such a fighter.

// I confess I ordered 4 new maxi skirts off .... My name is Rebecca Jo & I'm a maxi skirt addict.

//  I confess I'm also a Target addict

How I feel about both Target & maxi skirts
... & maybe Old Navy flip flops....

//  I confess I have the cutest grandbabies in the world

// I confess that I'm really Belle.  Someone posted this picture of me on their Throwback Thursday & it made me smile. You all thought I was joking with comments I make about how I'm really her.  #proof

Photo: TBT Princess Rebecca Jo Vincent and my Princess Kylie.

// I confess I never posted my #MarkIt month for April. I guess I'll do a double calendars post for April & May... call me lazy.  Too busy marking off dates of exercise! BAM!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! 
Have fun, stay safe, take care of yourself!




  1. I really enjoy your confessions. "Mayor Flakey" LOL! Try a little bit of shea butter and coconut oil. :)

  2. Ok, I confess that your posts on sydney break my heart. I am so sorry you are going through this and I hope she pulls through ( i've been through this).

    I confess you really DO have the cutest grand babies.

    I confess that I never get a notification letting me know you've responded to my comment. Should I be? (Aww, I just now noticed the little checked box that says notify me. I have never once seen that on anyone's blog. Is it on mine? Do you check it? Hmmm, fun to see how this works!

    I confess you make a beautiful Belle! Where was this at?

    1. Let's see if you get notified now :) ....
      That Belle thing was a Princess Tea Party we did at our church - we had like 15 different Princesses & we each had our own tables. Mine was DA BOMB with all my Beauty & The Beast stuff. All the little Belle's wanted to see me.Its funny because they're growing up - its been about 5-6 years since we did that & they still call me Belle :) Train 'em up right :)

  3. Your poor pup, I'll be sending some good wishes. I need to start pumicing (is that a verb) my feet are horrible. Happy Friday!

    1. Its a verb when it comes to my feet... makes me breathless all that scrubbing :)

  4. Hawaii? I'm pretty sure Hawaii is mild and perfect every day always. If only it was easy to find employment there...

  5. wait, wait, i need to know more about belle. tell me.
    oh hun, your poor dog. hugs and kisses and good thoughts. poor baby.
    i want somewhere where it is 100 all the time! haha!
    virtual race?! what the? let me in on that! lol

  6. So sorry to hear about your dog! I hope she can heal get through this part okay!!!! I lost my dog that I had for 17 years a few years back, and I never wish that loss to anyone! Pets are like family!!!

    As for your 70's everyday, sounds like Hawaii is the place for you. However, they do hit 80's and 90's, but it's a rare time even on their stormy days they get below 70:) Well unless you like adventure and hike up to their higher elevations, in which you will need a winter coat and gloves because yes it even snows in Hawaii, LOL...

  7. I can see your comments no problems. Your grandbabies are beautiful and precious! and sorry about your doggie. Here is hoping she gets better. Dogs are such fighters. Tons of spirit.

  8. I love that photo of you dressed as Belle - you do make a gorgeous Disney princess!

    I am praying for Sydney. I hope she bounces back quickly... knowing she hurts makes my heart hurt. :0(

    1. Thanks so much... she did have a good weekend. We're thankful for any good days we get with that old gal.


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