Monday, May 12, 2014

The Ups & Downs

That time again... Ups & Downs for the weekend

Down - I didn't get an Ups & Downs button made

Up - Half Price Frappuccino

Down - Cool Whip. I forgot to tell them to hold it.  Extra calories. I really did forget too. I'm not being slick here.


Up - made up for the extra calories by making sure my grocery basket was full of good stuff.


Up - My back was feeling a little better by the end of the night.  All that ice & Alleve was finally kicking in.

Down - cleaning the house & doing a lot of bending aggravated my back just in time to try & sleep.

Up - even with my back aching - I still got in my Day 17 of T25

Down - my husband was yelling at me the whole time saying "You're never going to learn"

Dont Stop Me Now
Me continuing to work out with the disapproval of the Hubs

Up -I know my husband loves me.

Down - I've just discovered I've messed up on counting my days of T25. I missed the first day of Stretch. So actually, that was day 18.

Double Down - I do accounting & I messed up on numbers.  #Irony

Up - Baby love ... my 3 grandsons were up from Nashville with their mommy & daddy to visit.  It's always a good day when you get hugs from precious little ones.

Up - my doggies even remembered me on Mother's Day


Up - Got a regular size lemonade this time at Penn Station - not the guzzle size.  Progress.

Up - I forgot how much I loved artichoke on a veggie sandwich

Up - found a cute maxi skirt at Target.  I now want to go online & buy every color they have.


Down - my bank account will not like all the Target skirt shopping that is about to happen

Up - hitting 10,000 steps in my day & didn't even know I was close to it!

Down -  Scary storms with hail.  I was doing a baby photo session & everyone's phones was going off with warnings all around us.  I just kept clicking away.

Up - holding hands with your grandsons before you pray for dinner

Down - when your middle grandson does better then you on Bop It Smash

Up - bought donuts for the boys for breakfast... I didn't have one bite of any of them.

Down - Animal crackers are a different story.  I forgot how yummy those little creature are.

Up - Spending time with family on Mother's Day ... lot of places to visit, lots of faces to see, lots of hugs to give.  Good stuff.

How was your Ups & Downs this weekend?


  1. i had other things to say but i am distracted - grandsons? no way jose. you are too young?!!?
    yay for not having a bite of the donuts - you go girl. i now want a frappuccino, love them. and i like the whipped cream haha, and i can never not get it, so i just stay away from starbucks

  2. Great ups and downs! Um I love that your puppies got you a card, I'll have to remind my bulldog to do that next year :) And maxi skirts/dresses are my new favourites!

    1. You'll see me in maxi skirts probably 6 out of 7 days during Spring & Summer :)

  3. Awesome list! I WANT YOUR PUPPY! He is adorable! Those eyes! Maxi dresses... i need to get me some. Girls look so cute in those but for some reason I don't think I would )

  4. These were great and your grandsons are ADORABLE!!!! My ups were that I did great with my training this week and my down was that it poured on Saturday so I missed my trail run, but if that is the worst part of my week, I will take it!!

    1. Thumps up for a good training week - for sure!!!

  5. I love maxi skirts, I own too many too and bank account never seems to love it:) The thing is, I didn't know Target carried maxi skirts, this is either great news or bad more shopping news, LOL

  6. Awww this sounds like a wonderful week :0) Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you Rebecca!!

  7. I love all the fun you have during the week!


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