Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whole Foods would make me poor....

I say WOULD make me poor, but I don't live near one.

Which is a bad thing because I would be so happy to get every thing I ever wanted there.  I mean, they have a whole aisle of natural make up & skin care products alone that I could spent an hour just looking at things.

But its probably a good thing - at least my hubs says so - because we'd be flat broke poor.

We had to run out that way for a vehicle issue & I had to take advantage of being near the store.  Ricky just dropped me off & told me he was headed to another store.... natural food shopping doesn't make him as excited as it does me....

Only 20 minutes later & 2 small bags later, I was down $81.00 ... OUCH!
But I was oh so happy & left with no regrets... would spent another $81 if I were in there longer.

So here are the goodies I got this trip...

While foods

I told you I was excited about Veggie Rolls & was so sad when I ate my last one over the weekend.

Green Olive Hummus?  Oh my gosh!  I was excited to get a natural / organic hummus & then saw this?  I love green olives.  Fun fact about me: I love salty stuff. People are shocked how much salt I put on products.  So green olive hummus?  A little salt taste to go with hummus.  Win Win.

Himalayan salt ... my all time favorite.  The hubs doesn't care for it, but I go through it enough myself.  (See? Salt is my friend)

Whole foods

Found these little things on sale.  I figured these would be good to take to work for lunch or for a quick dinner when Ricky wants to pick up something that has meat in it... bleh... I'll stick with my vegan/vegetarian options.  Hope they taste pretty good. I bet that Bombay has a smell to it though.  My office will just LOVE that....

Wholr foods

Blender Bottle - I never had one.  I've always used my NutriBullet, but I always wanted one of these to be able to take with me if I ever need to shake & go.

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta sauce.  Mmmmm!!! I have some mushroom ravioli that this will be perfect with.  I hate all the high fructose corn syrup in regular pasta sauce. Stupid.

Pure Honey - its made locally so I love that for allergy purposes.  I can go through some honey. #savethebees


I'm all about my teas.  I've never had the Pomegranate tea from Argo, but I do love Argo Teas.  I love the bottles.  Someone told me they drink so much of it, they learned to paint the bottles & make them little single bud vases - isn't that a great idea???

& again, waiting on Starbucks, I'm getting desperate to find a good Green Tea with peach.  Tazo is what Starbucks uses anyways so I'm anxious to try this one.

& I love this Kombucha.  Its my favorite.  I forgot not to shake it though & opened it on the way home... & it was like a science experiment where things explode.  Only I didn't have on goggles... or paper towels.  Good times.

Whole foods

I'm still in debate on protein powder, so I love when I can try some samples.  I'm interested in the Vega Nutritional Shake.  Full of vitamins & healthy stuff.  Anxious to see how it tastes.

Spirulina  Energy Bar... Yeah, I talked about having the powder & putting it in a smoothie & I wanted to spit it out onto the cabinets.  EWW!! So going to try & see if I can get my spirulina in this way.  I did see Banana puree is an ingredient so at least that has something going for it.

& I was excited to find gum with no aspartame.  BUT, I tried a piece & found out that after about 3 good chomps, it has zero flavor.  Oh well.  I'll take the 3 good chomps of fresh breath then ingesting aspartame in regular gum.


I'm kinda addicted to plain raw almonds.  I love they're chewy....

& I never bought pitted dates but always see them being used in recipes.  So now, I have to look up "Pitted Dates" on Pinterest... may be my next "Pinterest Says So" post :)

SO yeah... not much for $81.00, but it all makes me happy...

Ever tried any of these?

What do I need to put on my list for Whole Foods for my next trip out?

What an I do with these dates?


  1. I have a Blender Bottle and I love it. I have also tried the Vega One protien powder and I have to say it is to "earthy" tasting for me. But maybe if I put it in a more flavorful smoothie I wouldn't notice it as much. I've been wanting to get that "stir it, shake it, mix it Jelly stuff" that was featured on Shark Tank next time I go to Whole Foods.

    1. I didn't even know that existed... I would have probably bought it if I knew :)

  2. Woooowza, $81 for those few things? I am glad I've never walked into a Whole Foods. I would go so broke!! $81 is actually more than my weekly budget for groceries too lol! I am glad it makes you happy, though, and that you were able to get a lot of awesome stuff!! :0)

    1. I only didn't mind because its not something I do a lot ... if I shopped there all the time, I would be doing everything to cut corners & find all the weekly sales :)

  3. man, whole foods is so bad but so awesome! i make sure i dont go more than every couple months, but i bulk buy my gluten free bread there (like 4 or 5 at a time) because its cheaper than the grocery. weird, huh?
    i made a recipe not long ago with chia seeds, almonds and pitted dates, they were supposed to be like energy bars but they didnt form haha so it was just a mess of stuff. it was good though.

  4. So many great things! I love Himalayan salt too. We just got a Luckys Market and it is full of those kinds of yummy things. I try no to go there very often because I walk out with two bags and am 80 dollars lighter in my wallet.

  5. We do have a few Whole Foods markets nearby, but I can't afford them. I have oddly only been in them a few time. I used to go with some work friends for lunch for their pizza, I wasn't a fan of the goat cheese, but they loved it. I have drank their applecider and it is amazing, but again I can't afford $20 for it:( Guess, I will just have to stick to my home garden for a bit longer until I get richer:)

  6. I LOVE Whole Foods, not only do they have such great options foodwise, but I love their flower and wine section too!! Just a tidbit, I often see Himalayan sea salt at my local TJ Maxx and Marshalls, worth a look since I am sure its WAY cheaper there!

    1. OH yeah!! I forgot about that... I have found some sauces, pickles, olives & some other awesome gourmet foods there!


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