Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why I'm breaking the scale habit... at least for the next 6 weeks

Here I am... going into week 5 in the T25

Shaun T... my new best friend. 

I still say, I have never sweat so much in my LIFE for a 25 minute workout. 

Last night, I actually went with my husband & we got in a quick mile, just so I could have my legs (& stupid low back) remember what moving in that motion felt like.  I came home & did Day 26 of my T25 & I literally was dripping sweat.

Sweating Bullets

I'm not a sweat-er... not like that.  (Is it sweater? I just think of the garment to wear)

I may glow & glisten ... my skin gets dewy... but I never have actual sweat falling off of my face on the mat. 

With T25, it happens. 

I feel like such a tough chic when it does that...

But I've been feeling a difference lately.  My legs seem to be feeling more toned, my burpees are progressing stronger, I am even able to get more push ups in that are solid & strong then ever before. 

Oh believe me - there's lots of flab there I need to tone, lots of issues I need to work out - but I am feeling a little progress.

So then Monday comes.  I thought, let me step on the scale & I was prepared for a drop in the number. 

Let me remind you - I've been at the same stupid weight for about 4 months now. Not even joking.  A half marathon in there, training for that race, never more then 3 days not working out - & that was once when I was sick... its usually missing 1 day a week of working out... & yet, the same stupid BIG FAT NUMBER on the scale... refusing to move.

I just knew it was going to drop... even if it was half pound, I would have taken it.

I stepped on the scale....

The EXACT SAME FREAKING NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angry Dwight

It was funny because when I got on the scale, I had on my sports bra, some boy shorts & I looked in the mirror & was like, "Yep... I see progress.  Its happening"

I got off of the scale & looked back in the mirror & I saw something completely different...

I felt flabby, fat, lazy... ready to just give up...

Middle Finger

As I went & ate a cream filled donut - NOOOO!!! I really didn't.... just seeing if anyone is paying attention... but as I went through the morning, it ended up making me angry.

That scale totally distorted my thinking, the way I was feeling. 
I started off feeling confident, stronger then before...

The scale made me feel like a failure, like nothing really matters... that I'm going to be a pile of blubber forever...

that's right when I decided... no more...

I'm putting the scale up...

at least till the end of my T25, which is in 6 weeks.

At the end, you're supposed to measure yourself & that's the numbers I'm looking forward to.  But I'll also weight then & see if it makes a difference.

I'm through letting some stupid number define me & the way I see myself...

Good bye scale.  I won't miss you...

& if in 6 weeks that number is still the same?  Someone just needs to say a prayer for that scale because my Mr. Sledgehammer will have a close & personal relationship with Mr. Scale.

Do you weigh yourself often?
Does the scale change your mood?


  1. I'm one of those crazy people that when I am working on a goal I actually step on the scale daily, just to motivate me, but I don't define my results entirely based on the scale. However, I will say yes the scale can flip my mood from discouragment at times, to that yay happiness feeling:)

  2. i need to do the same, i step on the scale daily, but unless i gained 5lbs i dont let it bother me. i love seeing a loss, though that very rarely happens. good for you girly, and if you can see process, thats all that matters. and i was like nooo to the donut haha, that sounds like something i would do, good for you not eating it ;)

  3. Love that you are throwing away the scale for a while! I haaaate the scale. The only time I ever see my weight is when I have to go to the doctor and they do the standard weigh-in which isn't very often lol! Keep up the AWESOME work I know you are doing!! You got this Rebecca!

    1. Thanks lady for your always encouraging words!!!!!

  4. First off, I also feel like such a badass when I sweat although I'm sure no one around me appreciates the dripping quite as much. Also, good for you for ditching the scale. I used to be addicted, but the same thing would happen to me where I was all pumped and feeling strong, then BAM confidence gone. Now I rarely go on it. And I tell myself that muscles weighs more than fat so strong is good :)

    1. YES - you get exactly where I'm coming from!!!

  5. I'm a member of the anti-scale club, too. We have one and I use it but I don't let the number get to me. I have a wonky body type that totally skews the results of the BMI chart so I choose to get on the scale as a habit but not as a gauge to how I'm doing fitness-wise. If my clothes are fitting better, if I'm able to run farther before walking, if I just plain feel good and healthy, that's what I go by ... NOT the number on the scale. GOOD FOR YOU on taking a scale-vacation! I think more people should do that -- and they will probably feel a lot better about themselves as a result. You have motivated me to put ours away for the next two months! :) One less thing to worry about this summer and one less thing to trip over in the bathroom! :)

    1. A united scale-protest!!! :) Yeah - let's not even get started on BMI!!!

  6. I bought a scale two months ago, and now I dont even look at it because I found myself being obsessive about weighing myself... simply because it was there...ugh.


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