Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Biggest Loser getting called out....

The Biggest Loser always has intrigued me. 

The changes in the people - the Result show - how cute Bob Harper was - how cute Dolvett is...

What happened to Bob lately? He's got on the Grunge-express lately.  Even had that weird 70's porn mustache.  Creepy.

But I don't know if anyone else saw THIS article from one of the past contestants, Kai Hibbard,  calling them out on 5 things that they cut from the season she was on.

Yeah - I know reality shows aren't really reality....

I mean, really?  That many people really wanted to 'smash' with Snookie?
You know that's set up...

& I always wonder what goes on behind the scenes of this show.

It's all too perfect - or flawed - sometimes. Right? 

She claims that they would only show relationships on there if your mate was skinny. 
Think about it - that's true.  There's usually someone at home that is thin as a rail wanting their chubby buddy to slim down.  Not many people are on the ranch with someone heavy at home.  Not much of a story I guess. 

Its also crazy to think of how she talks about how the show has control over you.  Hiding you away from everyone - not letting you talk to anyone for weeks at a time.  What is this?  The Pentagon?

At least he's skinny... they'd show him trying to find his Snow White

They also apparently time things to make it look like you've worked out 10 minutes & then you're puking & ready to quit.. just like society wants everyone to think fat people do.  But instead these people have worked out 6 hours already.... 6 HOURS? I can't think of much of anything I want to do for 6 hours straight... every day.... unless its playing Belle in Disney World.  That may be ok.

Kai also talks about the product placement. On her season, it was milk, which they had to drink for the cameras because "yum, its good for you"... but then spit it out because "no - it has calories"... I always wondered how they do those stupid product placements. That's one thing I hate about the Biggest Loser. 

Hey - come here gang, let's make a breakfast with Jenny-O sausage for the fun of it, since we're all just sitting around the kitchen doing nothing.

  Corny as heck.

She also talks about the physical & mental issues it causes after you get home.  Can you imagine?  I always said it would have to be hard on a body the way they make these people work out. I know at my weight, I have issues when I work out 1 hour a day. I can't even get in my mind how I would feel working out all day long. The wear & tear.  & then going home, you probably feel like someone is going to be there cheering you on to work out hard enough to where you puke.

Good times.

You should read the article for more details of it all.

None of it really surprises me, in the least.  I wish more people would speak out on it because I think it paints a picture for people trying to loose weight that isn't exactly the truth.

Plus, I just love behind the scenes gossip & dirt :)

& yeah, I'll probably still watch when its on next season.... just because I am amazed at how hard people push their bodies.  Not that that's a good thing. 

& in the mean time, I'll be watching the show I love the most... & that no one has written in as being a workhorse slave driver... Extreme Weight Loss Edition

See?  No slave driver... a hot dad

Please - no one tell me anything bad about Chris Powell. I love his show.  It takes one year to get the weight off.  Better then a few weeks.  & changes made in your home.  You don't have to go to a ranch.

Chris Powell always gets my vote...

but I will do a post on him if he gets a 70's porn moustache himself


  1. I love, love, love Chris and Heidi! (We're on a first name basis LOL.) I watch the Biggest Loser because it does amaze me to see the changes that people go through so quickly. But it is a little disconcerting.

  2. I love Chris and Heidi too! I think it is awesome that they teamed up as husband and wife to help people make such awesome life changes:)
    I do watch the Biggest Loser too, it doesn't bother me that they lose the weight fast, I mean it is a fairly controlled enviornment. The most interesting thing to me, is to see the ones who after the show a year or more down the road, who are able to keep it off. They are the ones that took the advice and the lessons to heart and made life changes:)

  3. Chris and Heidi are my favorite!! He is possibly the best trainer on TV and I love the Extreme Weight Loss show (excited for the new season too)!

    I enjoy watching the Biggest Loser as well, but the product placement annoys me and the behind-the-scenes crap annoys me too. What got me, though, was Rachel's EXTREME loss at the end of last season and people saying that it was healthy. No No NO! 105 lbs for her frame is NOT healthy. /EndRant

    1. I'm still disturbed by her weight loss. Someone is going to die on that show before it ends... watch...

  4. You had me LOL at 70's porn mustache. Bob started hanging out with the Crossfit crowd who apparently love facial hair and suddenly he has a beard and a mustache. Not liking it. I have never watched the biggest loser but after hearing so much about last season finale, I may have to.

  5. I watched BL when it first debuted many years ago. Then when they started that over-the-top and extremely silly product placement schtick, I had to stop. Then they added in "plot twists" and yeah, I can't! But I do like to watch out for the result shows. And yes, LOVE me some Chris Powell!!!!

  6. What a wonderful post! BL use to be my favorite show because I love how the transformations improved people's lives. More and more reality shows are not what they seem ( the bachelor, etc). Like you, I would love to see what really goes on behind the scenes. I agree with the whole Bob Harper look too. What happen to him? I do enjoy Chris Powell though too!

  7. What a wonderful post! BL use to be my favorite show because I love how the transformations improved people's lives. More and more reality shows are not what they seem ( the bachelor, etc). Like you, I would love to see what really goes on behind the scenes. I agree with the whole Bob Harper look too. What happen to him? I do enjoy Chris Powell though too!

    1. I always love to see glimpses from behind the scenes too :) Get all the dirt! :)

  8. I love some things about BL, like how they give people hope that no matter how overweight you are it IS possible to make a change. But I've always been annoyed that they almost gloss over the food issues. It has to be HARD to go from nachos and burgers to the strict diet, but they almost never show people complaining about being hungry or being tempted to eat too much even of the healthy stuff. With all that exercising, they must be starving! Plus, they only show the dramatic injuries, but I'd love to see how the contestants deal with muscle soreness and just general fatigue from so much exercise.

    1. That's true! I would love to see more of that. Especially when they show how they work out with those injuries & soreness. More details - less product placement!

  9. ew whats up with bob's mo? gross.
    we obviously had our own biggest loser, so i never watched the american one, and i only watched the australian one for the first season. it did seem even more fake and weird than most reality shows. i cant imagine working out for 6 hours - i would do that one day and be done. forever. ha!

  10. I love Chris Powell (what a hunk) but he is awesome and helps people make real long term changes. I also like that he comes to their home instead of putting people in a controlled environment. I was watching the Biggest Loser and they did this weird thing about campbell's soup, seemed so fake and unnecessary!

    1. That's why I love- him being in YOUR environment... even watching & checking on you there & even coming back when things aren't going well. I just love the whole Powell gang!


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