Monday, June 2, 2014

Ups & Downs

UP - Watched some Sex & the City episodes on E! ... I forgot how much I loved this show.  I always loved Mikhail Baryshnikov on there.  Hated they made him like a jerk in the last few episodes.  I'm still Team Aiden... but get the whole Mr. Big thing.

Oh, this still kills me....
DOWN - Stupid commercials on E! made me stay up to 1:10am to watch the end... that I've seen a thousand times... WHY must they have commercials every 2.5 minutes... not even joking!

E! ... this is for you

UP - I got one of the Evolution Fresh juices from Starbucks.  It tastes just like the juice I make myself in my juicer.  I liked it had wheat grass in it too.

DOWN - the price of those Evolution Fresh juices?  OUCH!  $5.25 a bottle?  .... I guess when I pay almost $4 - $5 for a coffee drink, its not bad to pay for health... That $4-$5 is usually a Venti or Trenta though.  Not a small bottle.

DOWN - found a cute top at TJ Maxx ... thought it looked like it would drape on me - which I wanted it to do.  Got home & tried it on & it was skin tight.  OUCH!  Reality check in my face.

UP - O'Charley's now has a new black bean burger... with avacado!!!!  Thank you O'Charley's for finally getting on board with a vegetarian option!

UP - O'Charley's apple cider vinaigrette is the BEST salad dressing in the world!!!!

UP - Got our XBox Kinect hooked up.  I got in some extra sweat kicking with the Dance Party games.  I'm going to love having this.

DOWN - I had the Xbox Nike Kinect & started in the set up round where it tests your abilities.  Holy Cow... you know its bad when it doesn't even count your jumps as jumps.  #leadballoon

She STILL has a better jump then me

UP - We took a FULL truck load of stuff down to Goodwill.  Glad to get rid of some things filling up my house.

DOWN - I actually teared up when we took our couch we've had since we dated.  I thought of all the memories.  Our last dog used to sleep on that couch.  I realized when I cried as we pulled away from it, I may have a Hoarding problem when I think couches have emotions & was sad we left it behind.

DOWN - I didn't get to see Maleficent... dang it...

UP - Ricky stuck with me & got a veggie bowl for dinner on Saturday... & he loved it!  Love when he enjoys a vegetarian dinner WITH me.

UP - Did the T25 Upper Body in the Beta round... I love working upper body... so much better then lower body.

DOWN - Washing my hair & having to lift my arms right after a upper body workout is kinda humbling.  My arms were shaking like a wimpy baby....

UP - my youth lesson went well.  I feel like a success when kids even come up to me afterwards & say, "That was a good message"... YES!

UP - got 2 of our dogs groomed.  With 4 dogs, it gets pricey when we have dogs groomed.  So we break it up in shifts.  Doesn't feel so bad that way.  It was our Harvey Dent's first groom... he apparently did OK, but the groomer said, "You know that Aussies are smarter then people sometimes, right?" ... so no telling what he did to the groomer.  Smart boy.

UP - It was Super Hero weekend on Encore ... got to watch Ironman 3 & The Amazing Spiderman & Batman with the original Batman, Michael Keaton.  I still think he is the best.

DOWN - I seriously just wanted to cry setting my alarm on Sunday night getting ready for work.... some days, you just don't feel like dealing with work... right?  Bills gotta be paid somehow though... so set that alarm for 5:30am...

Here's to another week!
How was your weekend?


  1. Oh those Sex and the city episodes on E get me every time! I definitely am an Aiden fan and get so angry at Carrie for being such a Jerk to him!

    1. Yeah, Carrie was just plain wrong in that one...

  2. oh I loved Aiden, but I think I loved him because he's the kinda guy I would choose, you know? Cant be mad at Carrie for wanting something else. I did like Big as well. I didn't like Mikhail after they moved to Paris, they made him such a jerk!

  3. OMG that Tina Fey meme...hilarious!!

    Oh Sex and the City... I don't even know what team I am on. Carrie is all kinds of crazy. She let an amazing guy like Aiden go, then gets involved with Aleksandr and he turns out to be a jerk. I admit Mr. Big and Carrie's moment in Paris during the season finale always gets me though. I love it :0)

  4. Yeah - it had to end with Mr. Big... after all, I loved the first Sex & the City movie with them... even though Big was ONCE AGAIN a jerk!!!!

  5. I didn't get to see Maleficent either, but I am thinking tomorrow is as good of day as any:) Maybe....
    I think I am one of the only people left in the world who has actually never sat down and watched an episode of Sex and the City, I think I am missing out... Maybe one day I'll sit and watch some reruns:)

    1. WHAT?!?!?! It's so good. I have to say, I kinda enjoy the E! versions just because the HBO versions are REALLY graphic... REALLLLYYY

  6. I always feel like I want to respond to each thing you've written but then I would leave an obnoxiously long comment. But the showering thing after an arm workout, yup I've so been there and humbling is the perfect word for it. And that black bean burger looks delicious. I'm always chocked when there is no veggie option at a restaurant so it makes me happy when they come up with something that looks tasty and edible

    1. I told the waitress if I wanted to hug her when I saw it as a new option :)

  7. I have to admit, I have never seen an episode of Sex and the City...eek! I saw those juices at Starbucks this weekend, but the price--seriously, highway robbery!!


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