Thursday, June 19, 2014



// I confess I haven't worked out since Saturday.  This is the longest I've gone without working out... & last time was because I was sick.  I have no excuse except I've been busy... which isn't really an excuse.  I just can't get in gear the past few days.

This has been my cardio lately
// I confess I'm anxious about everything right now. It even made my cold sore pop up which does every time I get nervous about something.  & its not even one thing in particular that I'm anxious about - it seems like its everything.  I really need a vacation
// I confess I work with someone who loved pointing out my cold sore for everyone to notice.  Thanks. I'll be sure to repay that kindness one day.

// I confess I'm already sick of summer. 
// I confess I'll be the first person to complain about winter too
// I confess I almost had a heart attack when I walked into my house yesterday.  Harvey Dent (our puppy) has been famous for tearing everything up.  Well, our couch was the victim this time. Yes, our living room couch.  This is the limit.  Back into the kennel he goes during the day.  He had a taste of freedom & this is where it has lead him.  Maybe he'll get a taste of freedom again when he's about 5 years old
// I confess that I'm secretly excited about the idea of new living room furniture.
// I confess I'm not excited about the expense of new living room furniture because we JUST bought all new furniture for our basement 2 weeks ago
// I confess I'm glad Harvey Dent tore up this couch instead of the new basement furniture
// I confess I'm starting today a new thing called "Bullet Journaling" ... its a real thing. If you are a journal nerd like me, then you 1. already know about it or 2. NEED to know about it.  Go google Bullet Journal & look at all the nerds who are united in nerdish things.
// I confess I haven't done laundry in a week.  My pile will start to walk soon, I'm sure.

// I confess I'm excited about a photo session with my husband's cousin who I ADORE.  She is so much fun & beautiful... I'm just excited to talk & hang out with her for awhile.  Praying for rain to stay away.
// I confess I'm not giving any updates on Sydney lately because I don't want to jinx her.  Hopefully that will give hints on how she's doing.  & yes, I confess I am a grown woman who believes in jinx.
// I confess I'm starting to love Jimmy Fallon more then any other late night hosts. 
// I confess I can't stop singing "Tight Pants"
 Anything you need to confess today?


  1. I confess that I love your confessions!
    I confess that I probably only do laundry once a month. ( this doesn't include towels and stuff I need to wash for the home).
    I confess that I launder the dog's bed every other day. We are seeing a bit of an incontinence problem at night with our older dog. He is on meds though.

  2. I cannot believe your dog did that! I think we need a dog-shaming photo. How old is he? We plan on sticking our dogs in the basement (as soon as we unpack it) when we're not home, but for now, they just stay in our bedroom and they're pretty good about things. There is no freedom around good furniture!

  3. I get cold sores when I stress out too. One of my first bosses at my old job enjoyed pointing them out and loudly calling it the H word. Talk about embarrassing.

    Harvey Dent...1) Love that name and 2) You totally need to put this as a puppy shaming picture. It would be so funny!


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