Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chest Pains? .... let's go run....

Did you all celebrate National Running Day?

I got home & immediately changed to work out.  I knew I had to do my T25 first, & then wanted to get in a run...

it takes time to work out... you gotta make it a priority, that's for sure.  It would be easy to push it to the side.

That's why I love to come home & immediately change into work out clothes.  Once I put on my tennis shoes, I feel like I HAVE to work out.  Free tip of the day.

So I do T25 & one of the first moves was a push up move...


I immediately started getting chest pains.

what I have to tell myself every work out :)

I had my heart rate monitor on & didn't see anything weird happening with the numbers & then, power of deduction, figured I was doing push ups & so I thought I pulled a muscle. 

I just hate that muscle is right over where the heart is...

So I'm all paranoid ... am I having a heart attack?

What to do?  Keep working out. 

Moaning & groaning the whole time. "OH MY CHEST"

Ricky happened to call right in the middle of my work out & I grabbed the phone, put it on speaker so I could keep working out & he kept hearing me say in the middle of listening to him, "OH MY CHEST"

He asked what was wrong - I told him I was having chest pains. 

Wrong move. I should have said, "I think I pulled my chest muscle"

He's freaking out... I have to try & work out, watch my video, while explaining I was doing push ups... & I guess my body hates push ups.  I don't blame it.

I finally convinced him I was ok & we got off the phone.

I finished T25, still feeling the pain... it was so bad, I couldn't even lift my arm, hurt to roll my shoulders forward to arch my back... (I just did it sitting here & it STILL hurts so bad)

.... but I figure I didn't die of a heart attack doing T25... & its National Running Day... so I head out & get in a quick mile.

It was so freaking humid I thought I was going to sweat into a puddle in about 3 minutes.  UGH!  If I was inside, I probably would have done a 5K but I couldn't handle the humidity. 

1 mile of running on National Running Day is still running...

See me giving a thumbs up? ... that hurt my chest

So Ricky comes home & sees me sweating & holding my chest.

Yeah - that probably didn't look good... so I got a lecture about running when I'm having chest pains. 

You know its love when they yell at you for feeling like you're going to die & working out anyways... aahh...

But Ricky said, "What if it was really a heart attack & you went out running anyways?"

My reaction - I guess I'd die doing what I love to do...

Runners... we're a unique group...


For the record - & to soothe my parents rant that I know I'll hear later - I KNEW it was a pulled chest muscle. I promise, an oath on my running shoes, if I feel like I'm having a heart attach, I, Rebecca Jo, (Hand raised) promise not to go for a run... but how about a elliptical? ;) KIDDING!


  1. Ok so yeah... I have to agree with Ricky. Get that checked out, girlie! Crazy girl! But we are a weird group indeed! :)

  2. oh my goodness you crazy cat! no running with chest pains! hope you are feeling better :)

  3. Glad you got your run in (sorry you had the chest pain though). Yea, it was super hot here too. I kept having to run through the woods just to get some shade.

    1. Its WAYYYY too humid already! :( Yuck!

  4. Sorry you pulled a chest muscle, hope it wasn't a bad pull that causes any prolonged pain:)

  5. Glad it wasn't anything too serious.. but I deffo don't deal with pain very well and I'd have stopped.

    Great that you were persistent and managed to get in T25 AND a run, go you! but be careful! Don't injure yourself further!

  6. I've been meaning to ask you (it can be hard to comment from my phone..grrr), but what is T25?

    Also, get that chest pain checked out if it continues!

    1. Oh, I will... my hubs will make sure of that :)

  7. OMG I hate that! I used to do that occasionally when I was doing heavy weight workouts. You totally have an inner dialogue between your worried voice and your calm voice!

    1. That's totally the dialogue I was having! :)

  8. I am glad you are ok! Stay safe!! We runners avoid doctors at all costs, but still need to listen to your body :0) My thoughts are do what you need to during training and then ignore body pain at races LOL just kidding!!!


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