Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dad is up & at 'em... I'm not...

Yep... my dad got a new hip yesterday.

Crazy the things they can do in today's world.  Take out old bones, put in medal in place of them.  It's all sort of Terminator really.

His hip was so bad, he was sure it was broken or cracked or an evil elf was living in there.  Nope - just severely bad orthopedic bones. 

Let's stop for a moment & pray I don't inherit this... as my knees & shoulder pop for any reason...

I've never seen someone so excited to have surgery.  He hobbled in the hospital roaring to go.

Momma & daddy

I was shocked when they called us back after he was prepped & said the surgery would only take 45 minutes.

WHAT?  I think my gall bladder removal in 1993 was 45 minutes long.  Shouldn't that be awhile to remove a section of your body... apparently not.

So they wheeled him down & me & mom were like RUN to the cafeteria... it was a long morning & we were starving.. & only 45 minutes to eat?  Could you hold him in there awhile longer?

As soon as we got back up from the cafeteria, the desk clerk told us he was heading into recovery. BAM!  That simple.

We saw him soon after & he was groggy but said he was in no pain at all....

again - let's pray & thank the Lord for the advancement in pain medications.  I mean, it HAD to hurt - right?  As long as he wasn't feeling it though.

He was in his room & it wasn't an hour later, here came physical therapy... getting him out of bed... making him WALK!!!  & dad did awesome.  Walked right out of his room & around the nurses station.  Look at that over achiever.

His only problem was waking up from the medication - which I honestly feel like someone may have slipped to me. I'm exhausted today.

Could be because I dropped my iced coffee on my lap getting out of my car...

Well shoot
... at least my skirt was brown...

There went my Booster Juice for the day...

& the cool thing... dad is coming home today! YAHOO!! They don't waste no time.

So I'm headed to get him in a few hours & drive him back to our neck of the woods.

& I'm hoping things will be getting back to normal. 

I've been at hospitals since Sunday with babies & now hips - I haven't worked out since Saturday.  Any time I don't work out, I feel like an instant slug.

Slugville - I have arrived....

So hopefully today, dad will be tucked comfortably in his own bed... & I will be working out keeping my own hips & joints in motion.


  1. Glad your dad is recovering quickly! I hope my hip pain doesn't turn into a problem as I get older!

    Hey, about this comment situation. When you reply back to my comment are you doing it through e-mail or are you responding right to the blog post? I'm still trying to figure that out and would love some guidance. Thanks!

  2. So happy your dad is recovering nicely. Here is continued praying for quick healing and recovery.

  3. I am glad your dad is recovering well! Praying for continued healing!

  4. Good to hear your dads surgery went well and he's on the road to recovery! It really is amazing what they can do in the medical field these days! I hope your Dad continues to recover fast and well as he goes through the recovery and PT therapy!!!!

  5. Wow, that is great that is he doing well and coming home. The advances in medical technology & drugs is truly astonishing!

  6. YAY! Such great news hearing that your dad is doing so well!! I will continue to send prayers his way for a full and fast recovery!


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